Why our dads would let us watch WWE, and why our mothers wouldn’t

Wrestling, it’s one of the most amazing things to watch as a kid. And most young boys did watch it religiously too, you’d start off watching it so young that you couldn’t watch it live because it was too late. Your bedtime would always come before it. It never really mattered though as you’d always be able to catch a re-run the morning after, even though there was a considerable amount of footage taken out due to parental advisory and other strict guidelines regarding daytime television.

Then as a young teenager, you’d manage to convince your parents to let you enjoy the show, live at around the early hours of the morning. I remember watching certain episodes and thinking to myself ‘for Christ sake, it’s an episode with the divas.’. Because it wasn’t fun wrestling, it’s meant to be manly and broad. But little did I know, as I’d grow older, I started to realize that the Divas were actually probably the best part, and I mean the BEST part.

Seduction, filth, erotica, are just some of the words which can describe the sort of situations which these divas brought to the episode. But when we were younger we’d be more excited to watch a Piledriver instead of…… well, a Piledriver. But even though both moves have the same name, were done by both trained professionals as well as amateurs, and could be done in other places besides the ring, one for was for the purpose of pain and the other one for pleasure. You think the porn comment is irrelevant, it’s not, many divas have tried their hand at X-rated movies…

Mud wrestling, bikini slips, a woman on woman massages, these are just some of the things that you’d have seen if you watched the right episode. So next time you think about WWE being a childish, immature program, think again because you’ll never actually manage to see any other show get away with what it does, with the target audience of CHILDREN! Stupid? No, genius.

Here we have a show that’s a one of a kind, a completely unique program which appeals to every age, gender, and sexual orientation. World Wrestling Entertainment, we applaud you and everything you’ve managed to air. I hope there are many more years of creativity to aid what you can get away with.

Cheers for a good childhood, and for something to look forward to watching when I’m a parent.

Here’s something to leave you with, the bikini competition between four ‘RAW’ divas Candice, Maria, Victoria & Torrie.

Jeremy Mitchell
Content Creator at Banter News
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