Worst places caught having an orgasm

It’s a love that we all share, but should definitely be kept away from the public eye. An orgasm is an indescribable sensation, to start to try to explain it, I’d have to mention the intense overall feeling that’s almost like a ‘tingle’ which surge’s throughout the body. The feeling experienced is short, and we all wish it’d last longer, however if it did would we enjoy it as much? Who knows. There have been a lot of people caught trying to achieve an orgasm in scenarios where the last thing that’s appropriate…… is an orgasm. But what are the best, well, worst places that have been spotted. After a bit of research, here are some of my personal favourites.

If you haven’t heard of Donald Thompson, he was a highly recognised judge. This judge was a bit different to other ones though, hopefully anyway. For Donald held quite a dark yet hilarious secret, he was fond of a good penis pumping, so much in fact that he’d bring his pump to on going trials and use it in situations that got either ‘boring or incredibly sexy’. Thompson used the pump at least four times and exposed himself 15 times during jury trials. Donald had to serve prison time for his actions, that added to the fact that he’ll always be that ‘weird horny judge’ probably makes it not worth it.

Sometimes in church, it’s not only the Holy Spirit that people like to feel inside of them. In Italy a couple that were described as ‘piss tank drunk’ were “cautioned” for obscene actions, as you can imagine the priest had a thing or two to say about the matter. There’s more than a few of these incidents recorded as well, in Alabama a couple were caught having sex on an Altar in a baptists church. Red wax covered the alter, what crazy freaks.

There’s actually even been a reported case of a couple having sex on a construction crane, Justin Dunn and Nicole Albert, a couple from Florida actually climbed up on a crane in the middle of the day to have sex. As a crowd gathered to see what they couldn’t believe, the police were soon on the case. Funnily, the officer had to use a public address system to talk them down, I suppose it’s because they didn’t want to climb up the big structure whilst other things cum flying down…… understand me?

We know that Americans have a love for fast food, the larger the better and the fattier the tastier. Some people enjoy mixing their pleasures of food with the pleasure of an orgasm, believe it or not. Kenneth Michael Dobbs got an urge to whack one off whilst going through the drive through of an ‘Arby’s’, then in the next couple of days decided to the exact same thing. If you’re weird enough to do this, don’t make the same mistake as Dobbs and check for police cars parked close by.

Jeremy Mitchell
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