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How about this for a creepy scenario, everywhere in the world we are always bombarded by a bomb shell of phony ‘ghost stories’, however news paper reports yesterday showed that there may actually be some truth behind what’s actually going on as a small home in America has proved recently. Loya Ammons, a mother of three moved into a new home with her lovely three children in 2011, it wasn’t soon until she found out that she wasn’t the only one living in the house. To cut the story a bit shorter this seems like it’s actually the most legit possession story ever as her and her children slowly became possessed over a numerous amount of times.

This exorcism story actually is scary as hell when you get into it, just because of little things, like a nurse actually catching a child possessed in hospital. Latoya Ammons, the mother, has actually participated in exorcisms, apparently too her daughter has actually levitated at home. The events on this whole crazy situation have made police officers completely fearful to even enter the house.

However this is banter news and that’s a bit too deep to carry on talking about, but it made me think about people in the past that have claimed to spot ghosts ridiculously. So in order to brighten the mood I started to research some of the most stupid but funny alleged ghost sightings.

Traditional Japanese folklore has actually taught us about the Shrime and I know this is going to sound so stupid but believe it or not it’s a tale about a Japanese warrior who comes across a pervert in his local town. Before this samurai is able to pull out his sword and strike this guy, basically this pervert (who is the mythical ghost known as the shrime) bends over to reveal a huge eyeball peering out of his ass. You can’t write this stuff. My personal opinion, that’d only be useful if he was that man who has no arse like I’ve previously wrote about in a post. Banter News banter-news

Did you know that the first time a chicken was properly preserved and frozed was in the 1600’s? Scientist Sir Francis Bacon caught himself a chicken in an experiment to preserve meat. He then plucked it, cleaned it and stuffed it with snow, basically freezing it how we do today. He caught pneumonia and died and apparently ever since his death, the site of his death has been haunted ever since. Not by the ghost of sir Francis……. but the chicken that he froze. people at Highgate Pond have reported seeing a plucked, headless chicken running around in circles and pecking for grubs with the beak it doesn’t have.

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My last and by far favourite story would have to go to the excellent people that came up with Doris Birch’s story. Bless this woman because she is 73 but I think this is a bit hard to swallow. Three years ago from now she admitted that she was being haunted, but not by any normal ghost, a disgusting pervert ghost. This ghost was reported to be groping her when she was sleeping, how was is that Doris report it? Doris described the incident “like I’m being felt up by an octopus”. What is this world coming to. Maybe our friend the shrime is up to no good!

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