World’s top five red light districts

The underworld of commercialised sex has become a popular attraction for tourists. Around the world people go to countries specifically for the red light district so i thought i would share a list of them with you. For many it is a fantasy they have always dreamed of  – it certainly is a power trip to be able to buy sex from a woman and then have no loose ends after the encounter. Travellers of the 21st century are not looking to trapse around huge museums and visit the opera, no they want to have an adrenaline fueled visit which is short lived (money savings are a must since the collapse of the economy) and full of surprises. Sometimes you find the true culture of a city from its red light district and at least you will find out something different about it.

1: Soho


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Soho escorts from escort agencies like are highly popular with the locals as well as tourists heading over to the capital of England. There is a certain fascination which has developed over the years, one that has even featured on websites like the BBC have explored the sex industry around the UK, especially in London. People from around the world come to spend time with London escorts all year around with the most popular times being some in the early months of the year.

2: Patpong

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Patpong is an entire districts devoted to adult entertainment. It is considered the capital of the sex industry for thailand for the international community but, to the locals it is just one of many adult entertainment zones peppered around the country. Patpong is the most friendly to tourists.


3: Kabukicho

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Kabukicho is probably the red light district that will wow you the most with massive skyscrapers and of course beautiful women. Not only there a huge amount of  adult entertainment venues there but, this tokyo districts has a lot of love hotels, shop, night clubs and much more which has gain it the nickname of the “sleepless town”.

4: De Wallen

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There are hundreds of red light districts across Amsterdam but, this one is certainly the most popular. Imagine a huge network of alleyways lace with door that have the most stunning european women you have ever seen. The sex industry is completely legal in Amsterdam so you are going to find around 300 sex workers in De Wallen alone.


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