World Cup 2014

Not to far away now is the World Cup Finals, yes World Cup 2014 is nearly upon us and I can not wait, it like me you love football then you would have been following the lead up with a exciting anticipation because it is how we ( for me that’s England, preform is who we are going to meet in the group stages. The English team have not done to badly this year round and qualified well, the disappointment for most is the group that the team have been drawn in. For World Cup Brazil 2014 England are in Group D, along with ; Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica, the way that the teams luck has been going lately the only result that we can look forward to is the Costa Rica game.
Football is the national game of England, we are the country that introduced it to the world and unfortunately we have really been taken to school, the last few years our national team have not put in the best performances. The highlight of English football was when the World Cup was hosted here, 1966, and we were winners, the game stands out in the memory of EVERY English football fan, even those that were not born at the time, me included, we have all seen it many times over the years and each of us remember the line “the crowd are on the pitch; they think it is all over; (bang Geoff Hurst gets his hat trick) it is now). We have jumped around for so long over this and it has given has so much pride, one of my greatest memories growing us was the New World Order song “Loves got the world in Motion’, how can anyone born before the 1980’s not love John Barnes rap!
Football these days has taken on a great appeal, years ago any football draws were pulled by two men in very sensible grey suits on a Saturday afternoon, during Saturday Grandstand. Last nights world cup draws took place in Brazil and were host by the super sexy Brazilian actress Fernanda Lima (I would love to get this young lady signed up on the books of hot sexy escorts, she would be a real winner), the lady stole the show, I have a feeling it was something to do with the tight gold dress she wore and those very sexy, gold high heels that she strutted onto the stage in. As soon as she appeared her picture was shared around the world, Twitter was a light with the sexy blonde.
Brazil are favorites to win, I think that you would have to be stupid to bet against the South Americans with England 28/1 (odds given by Coral) to win. I have a funny feeling our team will not be lifting the trophy this year but I, like millions of other football fans around the country will be sitting up, into the early hours, screaming at my TV, wishing our boys all the very best.
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