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Have you ever been in one of those situations where you haven’t seen someone for a good couple of years and then one day bump into them surprisingly, and they’ve changed? In this case, I mean changed for the better….. As if beast turned to beauty whilst you had lost contact. In this day and age we are quite familiar to a transformation and makeover, no more so in the celebrity world. We see famous women everywhere nowadays swapping in their old physiques for tighter, more toned ones. But which ones are worth noting? Here are my top beast turned beauties.

Charlotte Church

Banter News Charlotte-Church-Beforafter
Charlotte Church Before and After

Unfortunately, in this day and age, there are a lot of things that can get us side tracked from our diet. Things that make us want to just pig out and go mental, for a lot us we do let it get the better of our diet. Take Charlotte church, for example, she could’ve given Dracula diabetes before she transformed herself into something spectacular.

Jessica Simpson

Banter News Charlotte-Church-Beforafter  Banter News Jessica-Simpson-Beforeafter-300x262
Jessica Simpson Before and after

Someone who has always appealed to me was Jessica Simpson, she’s just banging. She constantly goes up and down with her weight, but when she’s in peak physical condition could you actually think of anyone sexier? It’s just a shame there’s no consistency really, I don’t want to fall asleep next to Vanessa Hudgens and wake up next to Vanessa felt the morning after. I’d definitely still do it even if she was carrying as few more pounds than she should, I mean Jessica Simpson, not Vanessa Feltz.


Kelly Clarkson

Banter News Charlotte-Church-Beforafter  Banter News Jessica-Simpson-Beforeafter-300x262  Banter News Kelly-Clarkson-beforeAfter
Kelly Clarkson Before and after

Another person that’s deserving of credit is Kelly Clarkson. If you don’t remember, Kelly sprung to fame in the hit TV show ‘American Idol’ in 2002. Then, Kelly had a superb figure. Her pathway to stardom looked opportunistic, however, that pathway was proving hard for her to walk down as she started to increase her waist size dramatically. It got to the point where she looked like a middle-aged male folk singer (as proven in the before image). But after some hard graft and dieting, she has got herself back into the sexy figure she was original. Congrats to the soon to be milf.

Kelly Osbourne

Banter News Charlotte-Church-Beforafter  Banter News Jessica-Simpson-Beforeafter-300x262  Banter News Kelly-Clarkson-beforeAfter  Banter News Kelly-Osbourne-beforeAfter
Kelly Osbourne Before and after

Another girl who went from eating pies to seducing guys would be Kelly Osbourne. Kelly has always struggled with her weight for the most of her life, she did, however, decide to put it all behind her and strip herself down. Now she could not look better, very well done Kelly on your transformation, you’ve got a body tighter than a sexy London escort.

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