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Courtney Stodden and Hubby Doug
Courtney Stodden and Hubby Doug

It has been a weird week for my friends and me, as it turns out one of my friends has been caught cheating. This affair apparently had been going on for quite a long time. This wouldn’t have come to a shock to me if I didn’t think about how much he seemed like he was in love with his other partner, and I thought to myself ‘I’d never cheat, but if I did, I’d have to make sure it was %100 worth it’.

You must know what I mean by this, you don’t cheat on your girlfriend (anyway) with a person that isn’t as attractive as her. Now the girl he was cheating with definitely was not as attractive as his current girlfriend so I don’t understand why he did it. The whole situation to me seems a bit weird but anyway, do remember when Britney went weird for a bit, we’re talking the best part of ten years ago now. When she thought that it’d be appropriate to date this down right freak….

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Adnan Ghalib

His name is Adnan Ghalib, and as you can tell by his ridiculous landing strip facial hair, he’s a complete tit. Occupation? A fellow Paparazzi. So her idea of romance is dating the people that drove her to go insane? Fantastic idea Mrs. Spears. Honestly, what was she thinking when making this move I’ve heard about keeping your enemies close but I don’t think this is what they meant.

Courtney Stodden and Hubby Doug

When you hear the name Doug Hutchison, what do you think about? His countless movies appearances? Well, today we aren’t going to be talking about that no we are talking about the fact that this man was able to bed the absolutely stunning Courtney Stodden.  When Doug and Courtney got together there was a lot of controversy surrounding the pair considering Courtney was only 16 at the time and Doug was 51.

So no that’s not her dad, it’s her husband.

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