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Time after time celebrities stun us with their crazy actions, it’s almost as if some people never learn from other people’s mistakes. There is one infamous act that some celebrities like to indulge in, an act that will haunt them until the end of their career if leaked to the public.

This is, of course, is a sex tape, no celebrity is safe after recording themselves performing very intimate acts with a partner. The best part about it is it’s never celebrities that you’d instantly expect, some, in fact, come out of nowhere and baffle everyone. But which are the best?

No.5 – Jordan (Katie Price)

Banter News jordan
Yes, Jordan has been caught out doing the dirty with boyfriend at the time Dane Bowers from Boyband ‘Another Level’ in 1999. This raunchy tape exposed it all, there isn’t one part of Katie price which is left to your imagination, the full monty. Make sure you find it on-line and give it a watch if you haven’t done already. I’m surprised Dane didn’t go to the hospital with trench foot!

No.4 – Hulk Hogan

Banter News jordan  Banter News hulk

In the top five for the shock factor is Hulk Hogan, who expected that!? A childhood hero to come out and produce something that makes him a hero for any male everywhere. The Hulk’s tape was leaked in 2012 and only shows him screwing around for a brief few seconds with Heather Clem, the estranged wife of radio personality Bubba the Love Sponge.

No.3 – Paris Hilton

Banter News jordan  Banter News hulk  Banter News paris

This one had to make the top five because it’s just an all time classic, Paris Hiltons tape between her and Rick Salomon…… and a lot of other people for that matter! This isn’t a dig against Mrs. Hilton, however you can find multiple sex tapes of her on different on-line on porn sites. On top of this you can buy her DVD ‘1 Night in Paris’. If you haven’t seen it give it a watch!

No.2 Kim Kardashian

Banter News jordan  Banter News hulk  Banter News paris  Banter News kim

This one was an easy number two, this is because of the fact that the celebrity involved is just gorgeous. Of course, we’re talking about Kim Kardashian and her saucy affair with once famous music artist Ray-J. If there’s anything you learn from this video it’s that Kim knows a thing or two about what men want! It was made in 2003, however, was leaked around 2007. Kardashian filed a lawsuit against Vivid Entertainment, who distributed the film as ‘Kim K Superstar’, and dropped the suit and settled for $5 million….. Not too bad.

No.1 – Verne Troyer

Banter News jordan  Banter News hulk  Banter News paris  Banter News kim  Banter News nerne

Incredible, just fantastic. This deserves the number one spot because it has the same effect as Hulk Hogan yet so much more shocking. Verne, famous for his star roles in the ‘Austin Powers’ movies. In 2008, a videotape was released which showed Troyer and his old girlfriend Ranae Shrider having sex. Would you ever have expected that?!

Honorable mentions:

Pamela Anderson


Colin Farrell


Fred Durst

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