Top 5: Sports commentary freak outs

Sport can bring out the best in people. Regardless of what sport you play and what level you play at it, when you connect to a team you want only the best for them. Watching your favourite team play can make you jump with joy but it can also make you hang your head in shame, however on those very rare occasions the teams that we grow to know and love can make us go completely mental. There are some moments that are completely absurd in sport and love them or hate them we’ll remember them forever. But just how mad of a reaction can we get? Here is banter news’ top 5 sports commentary freak outs.

No.5 – Kobe Bryant ‘gravity sucking dunk’

This I believe deserves the number 5 spot because of the sheer timing and creativity of the commentator. “Kobe Bryant just sucked the gravity out of the target centre!”, and good god did he! It couldn’t have been put into better words by anyone else so because of that it’s got to be an exceptional freak out. Not a crazy freak out but a very well described one.

No.4 – This unknown non-league commentator

Usually the lower down the quality of sport the less intense the fans are, however this unknown fan completely demolishes that opnion with a freak out of all freak outs. As it seems to be in the dying embers of a game, a perfectly administered free kick gets one of the competing teams a goal. This sends a watching supporter completely mental.

No.3 – Paul Merson’s reaction to city winning the 2011- 2012 league

As if the ending to that year wasn’t tense enough with Manchester united seemingly winning it with a few minutes to go in the city QPR game. But somehow Manchester city dug deep to bring back one of the most memorable games in the premier league. This made fans go mental, as well as them Paul Merson went crazy.

No.2 – This crazy Spanish reporter in the whole Barcelona vs. Real Madrid game

Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of football but if every commentator was like this then I’d watch every game without a doubt. The passion, charisma and charm of this one commentator almost beats that of the girls at minx massage when they perform their perfect tantric massages in London.


I know it’s not sport and it’s nothing related to sports but Jesus Christ what happened!? Literally in a matter of seconds Cat goes from completely tame to not being able to handle herself. She then proceeds to lash out at the audience. Why does it deserve number one? Because it probably is the best freak out of all time, well done Cat Deeley for having nothing to do with the top 5 yet managing to very convincingly steal the number one spot.

Jeremy Mitchell
Content Creator at Banter News
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