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Football is the most popular sport in the world, there is no two ways about it, it’s a fact. No other sport is accepted by so many countries around the world. It’s harder to find someone that doesn’t know about football than someone that does… When you think about it that’s quite weird really. Football has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings when a lower class British society would play with sheep’s livers. Now world class footballers are treated like A-list celebrities and demigods. And you can see these incredibly talented players perform some unspeakable techniques. Such as the overhead kick. Many try, only some succeed. But what are the best bicycle kicks ever?

Here is our top five list of best Overhead kick goals.

No.5 – Philippe Mexes

When AC Milan played Anderlecht in the championship a while back, Mexes put in without a doubt one of the most world class goals. This French international player managed to score from just the edge of the penalty area. The keeper had no chance and just had to watch this perfectly executed shot fly past him. What makes the goal even better is that Phillipe is a central defender.

No.4: – Trevor Sinclair

When QPR faced Barnsley in an FA cup fixture, there wasn’t much speculation to the game, obviously these teams do not content with the ‘Barcelona quality’ teams of the world. However if you were watching this game then you’ll forever remember the moment that Trevor Sinclair made himself airborne to strike an incredible goal past the Barnsley keeper. This gets better and better as you watch it.

No.3: – Mauro Bressan

This is without a doubt one of the best goals in champions league history. When Mauro Bressan scored against Barcalona in the 1999/00 Champions league he forever put his name into the history books. This amazing Fiorentina midfielder’s technique when hitting the ball could literally have not been more spot on and due to that it has got to take a spot in our top five.

No.2: Wayne Rooney

Imagine the scene, it’s derby day and two titans are set to clash. As Manchester city and United played each other it almost seemed as if it was going to end in a draw, that was until Rooney performed one of the best goals in Premier League history. This text book strike gave united the lead which won them the game. Truly a world class finish.

No.1: Zlatan Ibrahimovic

When England Played Sweden in a friendly there was a hope we’d gain a victory to help bolster our confidence. This completely wasn’t the case as Sweden tore us new arse hole. Specifically, the highlight reel that is Ibrahimovic, he scored four goals which obviously gave Sweden the victory. One goal, in particular, was fantastic and will never be forgotten. After scoring his hat trick he decided that he wasn’t done with his performance and unleashed what we believe is the best overhead kick goal ever. Well done Zlatan.

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