Top 5 Funny Gifs

Top 5 Funny Gifs
Top 5 Funny Gifs

GIF stands for Graphics Interface Format and is becoming more popular each day across the internet. They seem to be a way of making a normal image make us laugh and I must say that they do have some funny ones. I guess you can make fun of someone by doing these and we are seeing them more and more in terms of celebrities. So I thought we could do a top 5 GIF list and if you have any which you think to deserve a place then just leave a comment below.


  1. Well I guess that the queen might feel like doing this at times to the people that she meets and yes, of course, we love her, but you can not tell me that this didn’t make you laugh. Personally, I think that the people who make these are creative as I would have never thought of putting this together. So we would like to congratulate this gif for making it into the top 5 with memorable images of our lovely queen.

Banter News queen

  1. Making our number 4 spot is something that is so strange that we can not ignore it. If someone would like to comment below to tell us what the hell this is then we would be thankful. This is so random that it made me laugh and I’m not quite sure why. Maybe this is some sort of advert for bananas but it is worthy of taking the number 4 spot.

Banter News queen  Banter News funny-gif

  1. Congratulations to his guy for making the number 3 spot with his amazing talent. This guy did make me laugh and I can just picture him in the club. If you think about it the internet is full up with so much rubbish that we do not know where it comes from. But you can not take things so seriously and have to sit back and laugh. So we hope that you enjoy our number 3 finisher who is teaching you a trick or too.

Banter News queen  Banter News funny-gif  Banter News funny-gifs-never-stop

  1. The number 2 spot has made it by this girl showing you how to lift some serious weight. We think that this is worthy to take the number to spot and we hope that you enjoy it also. Remember if you feel like you have a great gif then please comment below. Obviously, these are for people with a sense of humor so if you do not then this is not the post for you. So again congratulation to our runner up with this hilarious post.

Banter News queen  Banter News funny-gif  Banter News funny-gifs-never-stop  Banter News funny

  1. On the number one spot is something the lads will appreciate as we could not let one of these not have a super hot girl on it. I do not think we will have too many objections with this take the number 1 spot. The problem with this is that you are sure to watch it more than once and me personally I could not stop watching it. So if you are happy with this top- 5 then please leave a comment. We would like to thank you again for a memorable top 5 here at Banter news.

Banter News queen  Banter News funny-gif  Banter News funny-gifs-never-stop  Banter News funny  Banter News funny-gifs-work-out-montage

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