Top 5 Drunken Mistakes

We all have our drunken stories from those nights where we drank a little bit too much but fortunately for us probably only a few of our friends know about them. Unfortunately for some thanks to the world wide web, their deep dark secrets have been shared thousands of times with people from all over the world. Below are just some of the best drunken mistakes we have found.

5. So this man has had too many drinks and I’m not sure if he’s happy that he might get lucky tonight or that he’s riding a hippo, all we know if that this is funny as hell and has made our number 5 spot. Alcohol always seems to bring the worst out in people and from this photo you can see exactly why. So congratulations to this guy who knows how to enjoy himself.

Banter News drunk-man

4. I would like to welcome you to our number 4 spot which is won by these confident lads who think they were going to impress the women in these outfits.  Alcohol seems to boost your confidence but in all the wrong ways and this is why these have landed the number 4 spot. They always say to drink responsibly but when you go out with your mates it seems that this advice never gets through. So congrats lads the only thing your spooning top night is the toilet.

Banter News drunk-man  Banter News drunk-2

3. So landing at number 3 is this gentleman who will wake up with the worst morning breath ever. I’m not quite sure what made him think that this was a great place to sleep but it obviously looked appealing at the time. this would have been a killer waking up in the morning because of the smell and his neck would have been killing him. So we would like to congratulate him for making our number 3 spot with an image that will never be forgotten.

Banter News drunk-man  Banter News drunk-2  Banter News drunk-3

2. This guy has to be the greatest wingman of all time. Either that or he just likes to have the big girls. We are not sure what made him think about doing this but his mates are loving it. Taking one for the team is always important to the lads but I think this has taken it to the new level. So we wish this guy all the best on his night out and hope that he chose to stay on top otherwise we might not have found him again.

Banter News drunk-man  Banter News drunk-2  Banter News drunk-3  Banter News drunk-6

1. Welcome to the number 1 spot which has landed this gent who will be waking up with a shock. If he was my mate I would never let him forget this night. They talk about drunk vision but im not quite sure how many you would have to have to make her look like a super model. Unfortunately, we do not know the name of this guy but we would still like to congratulate him on his best ever pull. I’m sure at his wedding this is something that must be brought up just to let his mother in law what he is really like. Or maybe this is his type of women, but whatever the case might be we give you our first place finish.

Banter News drunk-man  Banter News drunk-2  Banter News drunk-3  Banter News drunk-6  Banter News drunk-7

We would like to thank our contestants for making another memorable top 5 post and we hope that your comment to let us know what you think. Cheers Lads.


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