Theresa May is a ‘Liar Liar’

As the song goes She’s a liar, liar and I couldn’t of put it better myself. Out of her depth, I bet Theresa May is either regretting ever taking over from David Cameron or back tracking by calling this snap general election she thought she would walk. But then again she comes across so clueless that she probably thinks everything is going swimmingly. She reminds me of Arsene Wenger and I like many, many people are the DT and Troopzs wanting her out.

Banter News Corbyn-Cameron-May-674292  A little part of me does feel sorry for Theresa May, I feel she was happy not being in the public eye, getting on with her job being the home secretary. But then David Cameron failed everyone and don’t get me started with the snake Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and the idiots at UKIP, running a campaign of lies for self gain causing Brexit. I would love to know how you can be so passionate about wanting to leave the European Union, run for prime minster for how many years in a row and then when its your moment to finally lead the country, you get cold feet and quit the party and the people of the UK that you represented? May was thrown in the deep end but she loved being the next Margaret Thatcher and 2nd female prime minister went to her head. It’s become embarrassing.

Promises what Promises!

Last night, Theresa May broke yet another promise and it’s making her manifesto look an absolute joke. In the Paris climate summit, France, Germany and Italy issued a joint statement saying the issue is none renegotiable, Where is the UK in that statement? ,Why wasn’t the United Kingdom part of a united front with our European partners? The answer is because despite the amount of times May can tell you she is a strong leader, she is the exact opposite. Scared of questioning Donald Trump her cowardice is extremely worrying considering she’s going to have to negotiate our Brexit with the rest of the European Leaders. Lets not forget, May wanted us to stay in Europe she has no idea what the country needs when dealing with Brexit. Here are a few more of her manifesto lies

  • Only rich OAPs will lose their winter fuel allowance, when in reality over 10 million people will lose their winter fuel allowance
  • We are replacing school lunches for school breakfasts, when I reality were replacing lunches for breakfasts worth 7p
  • The Conservatives are abandoning our cap on social care costs, when in reality there will now be a cap on social care cost
  • We pledge to cut immigration to the 10s of 1000s, when in reality that is not their aim at all until 2022, The conservatives have never meet their immigration targets since announcing them in 2010.
  • We are giving the NHS £8 billion pounds of extra money in real terms, when in reality, the NHS will receive no more money.

This is just a few times May has lied to us but why should the rich care because she’ll protect them unlike the people of Manchester she failed.

Weak Leader

Is it only me who in the last few weeks has only seen May have a debate with her husband on TV because shes dodged everyone else’s questions like the plague. After her utterly disgraceful performance on the BBC’s battle for number 10, where she was laughed at for her pathetic answers, May’s lead has dropped from 20 points to 3. She had a chance to make amends for performance but no she failed to even turn up for the BBC’s Election Debate 2017 instead sending Amber Rudd who’s father died a few days prior. Heartless. What happens when you miss a job interview when your on benefits? You have them cut, but not May, she failed to show up and still gets paid ridiculous amounts of money for doing a dreadful job. Oh and yesterday it was announced shes refused to appear on the BBC radio 4 Women’s hour. Shes a coward. How can you seriously vote for Theresa May?

I will be voting for Jeremy Corbyn 8th June. Corbyn may not have all the answers but hes certainly won people over during this election. His manifesto is solid and his numbers add up, which is the complete opposite to May’s. Shes a bare faced liar, who has no solution for the future of this country.Banter News Corbyn-Cameron-May-674292  Banter News June-8-vote-Corbyn-150x150

Jeremy Mitchell
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  1. I do agree with some of the points brought up here but to be honest i just can’t see Theresa loosing now even with all the work Corbyn’s team has been doing

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