The Worlds Most Expensive Potato Salad

Potato salad worth over $45,000

One of the strangest stories has emerged this week, involving a bowl of potato salad and crowd funding website Kick Starter.

Banter News zack-kickstarter-potato-salad-page1  For those who don’t know what Kick Starter is, get ready to be educated in the world of crowdfunding. Kick Starter is a website which allows new businesses or people with new product ideas to generate money in order to develop or Kick Start their product. The way in which this all works is that people can log on and ‘pledge’ money towards a campaign, anywhere from £1 upwards. Usually, this concept works perfectly and some outstanding products are born, like Pebble E- paper smart watch, which brought in over $10 million of people pledging money.

Now here is where the plan goes slightly pear shaped. There are currently very little restrictions on what can be put up on the site, which makes it a playground for people like Zack Brown. Zack posted his potato salad on the site on 3rd July with a target of raising $10, in order to pay for the ingredients of the salad. Well since then Jack has raised a mind-blowing $43,703, with over 93 backers giving over $50 each, showing just how messed up the internet is! However, if you think giving money towards the potato salad will get you nothing in return, then think again! One of the few rules on Kick Starter states that you have to give back something in return for every level of funding. So I hear you ask what is Zack giving back?

If you pledge $1 towards the salad then you will be pleased to know that during the making of the dish, you will have your name read out… Now for those of you who want a little more for their investment, you may want to consider pledging more money, how about $3? For $3 you will still get your name read out but you will also get sent a bite of the epic salad for you to enjoy. If you feel you want to spend a little more of your hard earned cash however then why not have a look at the site for yourself and maybe even pledge? Just head over to Kickstarter.

Some of you though may prefer the finer things in life and want to look a little further than Kickstarter to gain satisfaction. Well if you want to have an equally good time, but don’t like potato salad then ponder to yourself how far $43,000 could go…

Jeremy Mitchell
Content Creator at Banter News
Jeremy is an online content creator and online personality.

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