The world cup is weird and wonderful

Have you taken all of it in? More importantly, how interesting do you think it been. I think that despite a cold performance, and probably an early elimination for England, watching the other countries has been quite exhilarating. I don’t want to sound like a negative and unpatriotic, but international tournaments are not really our strong point.

Having said that, I think this is the first tournament we have entered in a while which we have shown some promise in. I think that for the first time that I can remember, we’ve gone out and not been as immobile and defensive as we usually are in competitions like this. We took a few chances and had a good go at goal a couple of times, I think if sterling’s goal was on target a bit more, the outcome would have been completely different. The BBC could’ve at least not teased us by giving the point.

Italy are a very good side to be fair to them, and although Mario Balotelli had moments of laziness, he once again found a way to slot the ball past Joe Hart. Unfortunate, but a great goal nonetheless. But the young Italians header wasn’t the best ‘header goal’ we’ve seen, and the England/ Italy game isn’t the most surprising scoreline either. The game that really rattled us alongside the rest of the world, was Holland against Spain, a game that I don’t think we’ll be forgetting anytime soon.

The Netherlands managed to put an astounding five goals through a very disappointed Spanish side, obviously meaning that their one measly goal wouldn’t have been enough to silence this extremely talented Dutch team. I think everyone agrees that the second goal of the game, is one the goals that Robin Van Persie will be forever known for. A super diving effort which I’m sure we’ll see many photo-shopped viral images of (below is my favourite so far).

Costa Rica have managed to shock Uruguay too, with a 3-1 defeat, our group is now blown wide open. It also means that England Vs. Uruguay is really going to be a significant game, so let’s hope that we can really perform to our maximum potential against them……. and hopefully finish the game without any bite marks on our players. Whatever you want to watch, just make sure you have fun because that’s what the world cup is about, a collection of countries coming together to celebrate a magnificent sport. I’d recommend taking some escorts from Hot Sexy Escorts with you. Check them out at:


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