The Ultimate Man Purchases 2014

Are you someone that is spending conscious, you don’t really like to focus much on spending because you’d much more rather have money in your back pocket than things to show for it. If that’s you then turn the computer off because this blog post won’t be up your street.

I have looked around the internet and found, without a doubt, some of the best purchases you can get. Hopefully, you might even be inspired to go online and buy some of them for yourself. So here they are anyway:

Beer Machine 2000

I just had to include this because every man usually dreams of doing it, making beer. I’ve always had the desire to create my own brew. Almost feeling the pride of opening the tap for the first time and letting the liquid gold pour through to create the perfect pint. Well, why not purchase the Beer Machine 2000, where you can make a great home brew in just seven days. Making the process of making beer at home simple anyone can set up their own home brewery for just under £150.


If you’re a real guy, you’ll enjoy time to unwind and relax after either a hard days work or and even harder night out partying. You need the correct piece of furniture to relax on. Maybe you should invest in the Inflatable Gadget chair also known as the Everything chair. The everything chair is inflatable so you can pop it up and put it down whenever you need it.

The everything chair features a 3.5mm socket that connects to MP3 players as well as games consoles and other devices, two built-in speakers, pockets for TV guides and magazines, two sunken cup holders, even a puncture repair kit. All of this for £75.00.

Banter News 10727796-1360926098-163309
Inflatable Gadget Chair – Everything Chair



Here’s one for people worth forking out big money, we all know that it won’t be long before summers in full swing and we’re making the most of the warmth. Why not do it in style with this one of a kind outdoor cinema system. Retailing for just over $1500 (or just over £1200), you won’t be able to find a more fitting piece to add to your back garden BBQ’s. This awesome piece of equipment will make your summer a summer worth remembering.


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CineBox Lite Indoor/Outdoor Cinema

Nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to sneak in flasks. Obviously as well because they’re so small it means that it’s near enough impossible to get buzzed off what you can sneak through. If only there was something a bit bigger, but a little more unsuspecting. Here is the answer to your prayers, the binocular flasks.

The cunning design holds up to a staggering pint of liquid, that’s either very useful or very dangerous depending on what you choose to sneak in with it. for £15.00 you will not be sorry.

Banter News 10727796-1360926098-163309  Banter News cine_a_pedales  Banter News flask-binoculars
Sneaky Sneaky Binocular Flasks


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