The Best Pubs in Notting Hill

Notting Hill is such a brilliant part of London and has as you would expect any brilliant part of London to have is some fine places to have a good drink. Here you will discover some of the best drinking establishments in Notting Hill, however, we will be focusing on the best pubs instead of bars or restaurants. Sometimes there is nothing better than relaxing in a cosy pub enjoying a good drink in social surroundings.

So the first best pub in this fantastic part of London is Cow. Cow is a simple yet spectacular place to be, relaxing having a few drinks with friends or family. You really get what you pay for at this brilliant pub as the drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is amazing because if you are looking to meet somebody new or perhaps you want to go here with people you already know the experience is just as amazing each way. This pub is the perfect location too to spend some time with a classy escort from Playmates London who have the best Notting Hill escorts compared to the other agencies that work in and around London.

The next best pub in Notting Hill is Castle which is a classic drinking spot where you can relax and enjoy a wide selection of drinks. The Castle is a comfortable pub from the moment you walk in you get the welcoming feel which makes the experience at this pub even more incredible. The bar has an open interior making the bar very approachable especially because of their friendly and professional staff which again adds to the experience at this spectacular pub in Notting Hill. You could find yourself enjoying a drinks whilst listening to music which is played there around three nights a week making it good for multiple visits.

I would recommend visiting either of these to fine pubs for a wonderful drinking experience in Notting Hill.

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