Ten Tips For A Successful Evening

March 2017 update: The Honeys of London agency no longer covers all escort requests, if you are looking for escorts this year try going to AJ’s. Cheap outcall girls, entire London coverage, and national escorts available if you pay for travel.

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Alternatively, another escort agency we recommend for a successful evening in London is Movida:

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They are reliable, they have some fresh girls and some popular ones – between Movida and AJ’s you should be covered for adult entertainment!


Welcome to our guide to having a successful evening with escorts in London. We assume you already have a place to book your companions, as we have mentioned a couple of top tier agencies above; so now let us get on to arranging your fantastic evening of fun!

10 Ways to Succeed with escorts

Whilst you may consider yourself to be confident every man can benefit from a little extra help when it comes to guaranteeing dating success.

  1. Make Plans

Book your exclusive AJ London escort appointment well in advance in order to guarantee quality time in the company of the beautiful woman you find the most appealing. Choose an activity that interests you and is likely to appeal to your attractive companion. If booking an OUTCALL or INCALL appointment make the necessary arrangements.

  1. Be Punctual

Arrive at your chosen meeting location promptly. Make sure you greet your escort with a smile and a friendly welcome.

  1. Be Confident

It is natural to feel a little nervous and apprehensive if this is your first appointment with an exclusive London escort. Take a deep breath and allow your confidence to shine. Once you start talking and flirting you’ll wonder why you were nervous.

  1. Dress Up

Your beautiful luxury London escort will have made an effort to look her absolute best just for you. Pay this compliment back by taking care of your personal appearance and personal hygiene.

  1. Be Attentive

Ask interesting questions that are not too personal and listen to the response. Often we get caught up in thinking about the next question will are going to ask instead of paying attention to the answer that is coming. Stay focused on one question at a time.

  1. Pay Compliments

Tell your attractive exclusive London escort how fabulous she looks. Once is never enough so make sure your compliments are genuine and plentiful.

  1. Act Like A Gentleman

Chivalrous behaviour flatters the female ego, so don’t be afraid to act like a gentleman. Pull out your companion’s chair so that she can be seated, open the door for her and make her believe she is the only woman on the planet.

  1. Share Plenty Of Laughs

Keep things light and friendly by sharing a joke and a laugh. Laughing instantly relaxes both you and your companion so exercise your sense of humour and introduce some suggestive flirty banter to keep the mood light.

  1. Pick Up The Tab

You’ve planned a night to remember so make sure you’re aware of the additional expenses involved. If you’ve booked tickets for a show, hail a cab to arrive on time. If you’re wining and dining your escort companion why not round off the evening on the dance floor?

  1. Lower Your Expectations

This is a girlfriend experience but without the pressure that comes from building and maintaining a personal romantic relationship. You will naturally have some expectations of how you envisage the outcome of the appointment unfolding but resist the temptation to rush things along. Enjoy the company of your exclusive London escort and let events happen naturally.

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