Sun Sea and Sex

Marbella is famous for sun, sea and … glamour. Beautiful people from all over the world travel here to relax and play. And many of them; especially from Northern Europe and Russia but increasingly from all over the world, choose to stay and become residents.

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‘Towie’ cast filming at Plaza beach club this afternoon for the new series.

“No carbs till Marbs” is a British catch phrase from the TV Show The Only Way Is Essex and – looking at the toned bodies of both sexes that populate the beaches and beach clubs – the catch phrase (if not the show!) seems to have taken hold everywhere. Fit sexy bodies lie and walk distractingly pretty much everywhere working the glamour and sex appeal to the maximum!

With this level of sex appeal everywhere, a girl who wants to be a professional escort in Marbella has to be able to stand out from the extremely sexy crowd. With so many gorgeous ladies looking to party and apparently always up for a good time, how on earth can a working girl make a living? Only by being sexier, more appealing and more interesting.

Thousands of would-be Marbella escorts pour into the town from all over the world for the summer season. Reports have it that there may be as many as 5,000 escorts working in Marbella in August. Some of them come looking for the Pretty Woman fantasy of finding a billionaire to whisk them away, but most simply arrive hoping to make a good living for a few weeks or months.

Which means that high-class escort agencies in Marbella are inundated with girls who think that they can cut the mustard against their competition – both professional and amateur. It also means that the hardest job for really selective Marbella escort agencies is not finding girls to work for them; it´s making sure that they only choose the right ones.

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