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Have you ever been on a stag do? The big event of taking one of your mates for one last celebration before they pledge their life to 100% commitment and dedication with one lucky lady… fingers crossed that there’s no divorce anyway unless you end up snooping around the escort agencies which are based in your chosen destination such as Movida Escorts. Stag do’s can be very hit and miss depending on who’s making them though, quality can range from a weekend vacation in Ibiza to a one night blunder in skegness. Is there one coming up for you, maybe you’ve actually got to arrange one, or even possibly you just want a few good ideas for things to do with a couple of mates. Here are a few of my perfect stag ideas..

For the real men, the men who enjoy driving fast cars on rough terrain in order to beat each others top times, this is for you. There are a wide range of off-road courses which are challenging for the average driver. These high powered, lightweight grass carts can blast through the course depending on how well you perform. Facilities span from Bath to York, it could be the perfect start to your stag day.

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What if you’re someone up for a bit of comedy and laughter, with football? Something that I stumbled across just screams ‘stag day activity’. Before suiting up for one heavy night filled with drinking, you may want to have a good chuckle playing Zorbing Football. As crazy as the name suggests, it can be a 7/5 a side match which can be played in cup games, league games either indoor or outdoor. You strap yourself into a body sized zorb and play the UK’s favourite sport. Referee and Pitch hire are also included in the booking.

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Here’s a common favourite which had to be included. If you’re wanting to go out on an all out lads trip, you cannot go wrong with firing small paint filled balls at your friends at an average speed of 200 mph. Paint balling is one of the ultimate ‘lad trips’, and with paint ball getting more and more popular, you can now choose a wide range of indoor facilities, championship sites, and even international championship sites.

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Sometimes in your stag do you have to got the extra mile, and because of that you sometimes have to go to some very harsh extremes in order to put across your love, affection, and creativity. Kidnap your stag.There are various different companies which will arrange for you to kidnap your stag, take him to your destination and interrogate him a bit, before you finally take off the bag over his head for him to find that it’s all one big hoax. Hilariously funny, if you can be that cruel.

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