Sree Dasari slashes wrists

The question is being asked about whether or not Channel 4 have any morals or care about those involved inside the Big brother House after the student union president and Big Brother contestant Sree Dasari was booed as he left the reality show.

It is believed that he was widely disliked by viewers and is understood to have been watching an episode of the show when he became upset.

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Sree Dasari

During this time, the Big Brother contestant slashed his wrists and was admitted to hospital in the early hours of last Friday after paramedics were called to his room at the University of Hertfordshire.

“The producers assured me the program was a genuine psychological study of the human condition, but I soon found it was nothing of the sort, he said.

“The real agenda was to attract viewers by manufacturing controversy and conflict. Talk of ethical standards was a smokescreen.”

A contestant from the Netherlands version, where the show debuted, recently told of how he turned to alcohol and drugs and then suffered five breakdowns after appearing on the first series of the show.

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