Saint Patrick’s day quickie

St Patrick's Day
St Patrick's Day

Beer, Songs, and maybe a few one night stands, they’re some of the things you’d expect on saint paddy’s day. You’d hope as well that on the following day you still have your dignity, that is if you maintained sober to some extent so that you didn’t pass out.

It seems however that one happy couple skipped the drinking, and got straight to the good bit. Unable to wait before they got home, a young, love struck duo decided to get it on……. at Dunkin’ Donuts…… behind the bins outside the shop. These two wonderful people have proven that romance isn’t dead.


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Dunkin Donuts Sex – Saint Paddy’s Day

But why do you not have sex behind the bins of a fast food restaurant, that was by the way in broad daylight. The pedestrians walking in and out of the shop were shocked to be greeted by two, probably drunk people, boning.

What I do like most about the image of the two, which by the way was taken by an onlooker (and then put on to Instagram) is that the woman’s wearing a lovely, bright saint Patrick’s day green. As long as they keep festive I suppose. Footage showed them coming out from behind the shop afterward was uploaded online, adjusting their clothes but has since been removed from youtube.


The police are now searching for them, they’re on a man hunt for these public bangers. Only in America would you see that. Well, the hunting anyway, not the public sex……. that happens quite often over here too. Take this lovely woman in Manchester, she was caught with her hands ‘full’ in an alleyway near center, well-done love.

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Fairfield Street Manchester Handy 😉
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