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If you experience joint pain, then you’ll find that there’s nothing quite like gay massage for reducing the discomfort, easing the agony and helping you feel good again. Whether it’s a stiff shoulder, a troublesome knee or an achy neck, joint pain afflicts at least 10 million of us, often diminishing the quality of our everyday lives and in some cases causing unremitting misery. When the pain is constant, it’s hard to stop it bleeding into your psychological state. Soon, you’re not just in pain; you’re angry, demoralised, depressed and/or exhausted. Pain is tiring, that’s for sure. But as well booking gay massage London, there are other things you can do to make living with it an easier prospect.


Your neck may experience pain, numbness and/or stiffness, caused by anything from sleeping in a strange position to bad posture or straining because of the way you lean forward to work at your computer. Think about keeping your body in a neutral position. Every inch your head leans forwards adds more weight to it, meaning more weight that your neck must support. Rotate the neck to the left, slowly, looking over your left shoulder. Take it as far to the left as it can go without causing strain/discomfort. Then do the same thing but to the right. Repeat this exercise ten times and do the whole thing twice a day.

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Your shoulder troubles could be what’s called shoulder impingement syndrome. It’s what happens when a rotator cuff tendon gets squeezed in the acromioclavicular joint (AC joint). It may become so unpleasant that you can’t sleep on that side of your body. You’ll find it hard to reach behind your back and lifting your arm above your head will become challenging. Get a bag of frozen peas (or ice pack) and hold it against the tip of your shoulder for up to ten minutes. Do this twice a day; it’s a great way of reducing inflammation. Keep the joint working through the day rather than resting it entirely. If necessary, look into a steroid injection via a GP referral. Loosen up the shoulder by doing shoulder-rolls for a minute and repeat the exercise five times a day.

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