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We live in a wonderful world now. A world where a person can fully appreciate another’s preferences likes and dislikes without being critical or judgemental. That’s a good thing too, the fact that we’re so comfortable around each other. It even means that a lot of people have become more accepting as well, it truly is becoming the most cosmopolitan age we have ever seen.

I could go around now shooting the fact that I like to visit Black Label and no one would bat an eyelid. But with acceptance come admittance, and with admittance comes some really weird stuff. That’s why we see a lot of strange devices on the markets now, to cater for the more ‘niche’ interests. But what examples do we have of this odd market?

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The humiliator is something worth having a look at first, this is because of the sheer absurdity of the contraption. Basically, what originally started out as just ‘gag’ for strange tastes has now become probably the weirdest ad you could see on the market and one that you’re not going to want to imagine using anytime soon. Yet, if used correctly, it could serve two purposes at once.

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The following one I found particularly funny. This is because it is very similar to the last one when I say that it serves two purposes at once, but is then miles apart considering what the purposes are. So going from oral to anal, which for some women is a very horrible experience, some women just can’t stand the pain of the experience. So can you tell me a better way of making the first few time enjoyable, than the anal ring toss?

That’s right! ease your girl into one of the most uncomfortable sexual experiences, by getting her to lie on her front and put a stick up her arse. Then add to the fun by throwing plastic rings at the part that sticks out, this won’t be embarrassing for her at all!

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Two (relatively) unisex sex toys down, and without doubt the funniest sex toy of them all, has to go to one that was only designed for one gender. The design wins hands down, along with the name. I can’t think of a funnier device on the market than the ‘Orgasmatron 3000’. What I like most about this is that it looks like it’d feature in an over 18’s room at currys.

What’s funny too, is the designers haven’t put a single thought of consideration into the term ‘discreet’ here. It’s a mixture of comedy and shock to look at this, and maybe a bit of hope as well that we’d one day date a woman that has one of these. But nowadays it can be really expensive to get yourself a top quality washing machine, so you might have to choose one or the other. Imagine being at your nan’s and needing to get something out of the washing cupboard.

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