Most attractive physical features on a woman

I haven’t got a specific type of woman, there are many things I like about a companion. Certain physical features shine on different people, the can make and break a person as well. I love it when women know exactly what’s impressive about them and they’re not afraid to show it to people in their everyday life, they can’t be too over the top with it otherwise you’re just trying too hard. What is the part of a woman that you look out for the most? Here are some of my favorite parts.

I think a smile a can make or break a woman, to be honest. If they’re not able to pull off an incredible grin then they’re not going to manage to get as much as an eight out of ten. But be careful not to force, you can’t have one of those over excited air hostess looks. A bird with a beautiful smile is definitely one worth keeping. This is my prime example of a girl with an incredible smile, Miranda Kerr.

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Miranda Kerr

I love a woman with an hourglass figure, Where you can feel a girls waist pull in then curve out to her ass and thighs. A figure where you can run your hand down and literally feel different as you move your hands down. Obviously, it looks weird when you get a girl who’s super skinny then really explodes out, but not a huge girl either. The best example for this would have to go to probably the most known international sex symbol in history, Marilyn. It’s amazing to think that this woman was rumored to be a female companion.

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Marilyn Monroe

It’s not just a pair of boobs that makes a woman fit either, I reckon a girl has to have a cracking set of eyes as well. When a girl stares at you with her deep pair of peepers, do you not just want to grab them and take them back to your place. Take Cameron Diaz for example…

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Cameron Diaz

There are many different features to appreciate in a woman, thigh gaps, waists, busts and so on. I decided to list a few features that you wouldn’t have expected to be on on this blog article, I, however, can’t help but say that if I was going to pick out the best feature on a woman, I would have to judge them on their ass. It’s, without a doubt, the most important feature, and stand out feature on a woman, so I’m sorry if you were looking deep hearted ending to this blog article I’m sorry. It’s all about the booty for me.

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