More delays at Stansted Airport

Possibly boris Johnson will use this to add to his mounting list of reasons to build the new London airport on “Boris Island”. Today there have been substantial delays with air traffic at the airport becasue of a private jet which made a bad landing on one of the runways causing damage to one of the landing systems belonging to Stanstead airport. It is not the main airport in the south but, there is certainly going to be a lot of unhappy people who are at stansted.

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The delay happened early this morning which caused several planes to be diverted to Birmingham and east midlands airports. The problem was also exacerbated by the fact that there was very poor visibility on the run ways. Unfortunately due to this delay there will be disruptions to future flights in and out of the airport for the next couple of days.

looking for Kensington escorts:

Airport managers said the aircraft called Gulfstream G550 was the plane which was involved in the incident. So i sounds like the plane which used the guidance system for landing using auto pilot actually ended up landing on the device which is not the intended outcome.

This comes only days after this problem:





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