Milfs and Cougars – The science and stats

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When I think of different women that I’d love to have a relationship with, for some reason it always just gets diverted back to both Milfs and Cougars. But what is it about them exactly which is so sexy? Why is it that an older woman can sometimes be sexier with another ten years? I wish I knew the answer to it but unfortunately I don’t. I do however know a few reasons as to why we love them.

Sofia Vergara

Banter News sofia_vergara_lingerie_esq3-607x1024
Sofia Vergara

Just look at this picture of Sofia Vergara, what’s the first thing that springs to your mind, is it the fact she’s a strong independent woman? Believe it or not a major point that men look for in women is independence and because older women are usually independent it’s an attraction and some studies have shown that this attraction does come into play when looking for partners.

Sandra Bullock

Banter News sofia_vergara_lingerie_esq3-607x1024  Banter News sandra-bullock-768
Sandra Bullock

Look at Sandra Bullok here, imagine if she pinned you down and demanded you’d do something for her, anything for her. Whatever it is you’d do it wouldn’t you? Well research has once again shown that older women tend to be more assertive and as men we can only wish that one day we have a cougar demanding us to take off our clothes.

Cameron Diaz

Banter News sofia_vergara_lingerie_esq3-607x1024  Banter News sandra-bullock-768  Banter News cameron-diaz-4-682x1024
Cameron Diaz

Gave upon this magical image of Cameron Diaz (possibly my favourite picture ever) Statistics show that older women prove to be better conversation holders and have more interesting things to talk about. Which is understandable since they’ve had a longer life span than the most of us I guess.

Younger Ladies

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