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The weekend is well and truly over and all I can do is dream about the next one. In the meantime, there are still some fabulous midweek activities.

Banter News dining-in-the-sky
dining in the sky on the ‘Sky table’.

The lofty heights of London in the Sky: This is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of and also I have never wanted to anything more in my entire life. You dine at a ‘sky table’ that is suspended twenty-five meters in the air with 21 other guests. It’s fully staffed with a chef, waitstaff, and a sommelier. Who wouldn’t want to savor every terrifying bite of their trembling crème brûlée while dangling over the London skyline? I’m sure an adventurous central London escort would. Just don’t be surprised when she’s disappointed that these are the ‘dizzying heights of pleasure’ you promised her. Get in quick, because it finishes Wednesday, September 30. To book visit http://www.eventsinthesky.co.uk/events/london-in-the-sky-2015/.

Classic date at the flicks: Amazing pop-up cinema The Nomad has screenings all over London, basically wherever they can stick a screen. They’re currently at the Wilton Crescent Garden with a screening of the original Italian Job showing Wednesday, September 30. And 100% of proceeds go to charity! Not only will you have one of our central London escorts by your side, but you yourself will be made that much sexier for your charitable efforts. Buy tickets at http://www.whereisthenomad.com/tickets.

Mid-week comedy: The Establishment London is a big fan of the 99 Club in Leicester Square and nothing gets a lady more relaxed than a few giggles at a comedy show. I personally prefer a mid-week show and, incidentally, a Tuesday night show in particular. It’s less crowded in town and with a smaller audience, the gig feels much more intimate. The show runners have a bad habit on a weekend of cramming people into the basement room ala sardines, so avoid that and you won’t feel as if you’ve been violated by the stranger seated to your left. I have a soft spot for Nick Helm, who is in tonight’s lineup: http://www.99clubcomedy.com/tuesday_london_club.html. Tickets are a pinch at £8 each.

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