Melon Skiing: Genius or Just an Excuse For Breast Related Puns?


As you can see from the rather bizarre image above, today I will be introducing you to the brand new sport of melon skiing, because water skiing was just far to boring! The idea was thought up by several young Australians who wanted to bring a bit more excitement to their towns annual summer festival, and I  certainly think that they have succeeded.

For those of you who want more information, then let me give you the headline information. The melons in question are some of Australia’s finest (and largest) watermelons, which are apparently extremely slippery. The propulsion method: well this is simple, two massive blokes pulling you from either side of the melon matt (that’s what I’m calling it) by a bit of rope. You may be thinking where do my feet go, well this is also very simple you simply slide on your brand new hollowed out melons, size 10 please. And finally what does one wear for melon skiing? Whatever you want, preferably something you don’t mind smelling of melon, obviously.

Now you might find this hard to believe but there is a slightly less serious side of this great Australian sport and that is the puns, and let me tell you this festival is full of them! I won’t go into to detail, encase you want to experience it first hand for yourself, but some are worthy for Radio 1’s innuendo bingo with Scott Mills and would be competition for even these! There is a short video below of the event, so you can really get an insight to this fascinating new sport!

So lets say you love the idea and want to get yourself down to the event, where do you go? Well it is held in a small town called Chinchilla, in Queensland, Australia, every 2 years, as it appears annually is just to much for such a demanding sport!


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