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Manchester has a huge student population, there are four universities and fourteen other higher education establishments in the area with a total of three hundred and fifty thousand students living in the city during term time. Students are notorious for their drinking, partying and promiscuous behavior. One famous Manchester escort has started to cash in on Manchester’s student population by offering them a student discount of twenty percent. We are used to seeing student discounts on everything from clothes to food and nights out but for the services of an escort is not something we are used to seeing.

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Manchester’s most notorious escort Kat Lee, a former porn star who used to appear in x rated films with her sister kit has been in the headlines numerous times over the years. She made the headlines for selling sex on virgin trains and in taxi’s, giving blow jobs to hospital patients, having naughty nights with Dev from corrie and appearing on the Jeremy Kyle show with her gran. This week she has made the news for helping randy students let off some steam. She claims that University students are now her biggest clients, they seek her out through her porn site and escort agency and blow their loans with the porn star in fresher’s week.

Fresher’s week is now one of Kats busiest periods, she works from dusk till dawn relieving Manchester’s bright young things of their cash, cash that is meant to be spent on books. Kat claims she feels bad that they spend their money on her but they are often insatiable, calling and messaging her constantly. She tells them to go out partying and spend time with girls their own age but no avail, they would rather pay for it she says. So she does them a favour by offering twenty percent off.

Manchester’s most exclusive escort agency exclusive company escorts once had the pleasure of interviewing Kat and her twin and decided not to take on the two girls. Kat is not an exclusive lady and her escapes clearly show this, high class Manchester escorts are sensational ladies who have a certain Je ne sais quoi, something that Kat left behind a long time ago. Kat Lee takes a no holds barred approach to her work and loves the media attention it brings. If Kat’s claims are correct about the amount of students she sees, there are going to be a lot of boys looking back in head in hands.

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