Learn to Pleasure Yourself with Tantric Massage

Masturbation is such a natural part of our lives. It’s also an important aspect that has been linked to mental and physical wellbeing. Masturbating is essential to humans and avoiding it will not only have adverse psychological effects but some physical ones too.

Here are a few ways in which masturbation is good for you:Banter News thumbnail

  1. It helps relieve stress.

When you’re really stressed masturbation helps you stop everything and focus on just that one thing. When we think about sex or masturbate we release dopamine. This is a chemical released by the brain that gives us a sense of pleasure. If we continue on and actually engage in sexual activity of any kind we release endorphin which gives us a sense of well-being. These two chemicals combined can make a bad day seem like not so bad after all.

  1. It eases pains!

Many girls are so scared of touching themselves during that time of the month. This is actually an invitation for you to massage yourself while you’re on your period! The same chemicals we mentioned before are released but also adrenaline which helps us cope with pain. Not to mention that a good orgasm at this time can actually relieve cramps.

  1. Masturbation puts you in touch with your sexuality

Sometimes we simply lose touch with our own sexuality and masturbation is the right way
to get us back on track. Exploring your own body can be a great way to remind yourself (or figure out!) what it is that you like and don’t like about how to be touched.

All these benefits can be greatly supported by learning more about sex and your body. Getting a Kensington tantric massage is another great way to help you figure out more efficient ways of touching yourself and how to get the orgasms that you’re so looking after. Booking an appointment with a local masseuse and explaining what kind of issues you wish to work on can have extremely good benefits for your health and help you find that ‘sweet spot’ you’ve been searching for all on your own.

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