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As a regular London Punter who uses websites such as London Hotties with a wife, kids, and the whole family thing going on, I have had my fair share of close calls over the years when meeting escorts in the city. As of yet, I have not been caught and over the years I have developed a keen aptitude for covering my tracks when booking escorts, both from my family and my work. I have also encountered a considerable amount of other gentlemen in the same boat as me, many of which end up getting caught at some point or other.

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This article today is going to be a list important considerations and techniques to keep your London companion encounters completely discreet and confidential. Bear in mind the content in this article isn’t suited to protecting you, but primarily to help you avoid being caught by others.

Up until now I never really thought there would be a point to writing an article about hiding your escort appointments, but it does seem like a lot of guys get caught cheating, either due to a lapse in judgement or because they weren’t meticulous enough to hide it properly. If you want to hide your naughty escort sabbaticals from your significant other; take a look through these vital bullet points and you might pick up a thing or two:

  • Hide your browsing history or lock your computer. Out of all of the times, I’ve seen guys go to extreme lengths to hide an outcall with an escort, pulling out all the stops, it’s hilarious when they forget to take the most basic precaution of putting a password on their laptop or clearing their internet history. This one is a real relationship killer, you go to work and she finds a bunch of escort related websites or emails. I would personally recommend leaving your computer unlocked, but making sure no evidence can be found if your spouse decides to snoop. Locking your computer is a sure fire way to spark her curiosity.
  • Get a second phone. While it’s entirely possible to arrange and book escorts on your personal mobile, this is an exposure risk that requires constant attention. Every text you send, every call you receive from an escort has to be deleted. Moreover, when you go for an outcall escort appointment in London, if you take your personal phone with you the GPS can be tracked with relative ease by your wife. Having a second phone is incredibly useful because you can take it with you and leave your personal phone somewhere safe. If your partner finds the phone you can probably come up with an explanation. If she finds some raunchy texts, I doubt you can talk your way out of that one. You can always just have a second sim or dual-sims, but I personally find that harder to hide.
  • Use a different name and don’t share personal details with escorts. It’s not unheard of for some unscrupulous people in the escort industry to intentionally blackmail you for your illicit activities. In other cases an escort might just accidentally mention the wrong thing about you to the wrong person. Escorts use fake names and try to avoid sharing culpable information to protect themselves, why shouldn’t you? I seriously urge you to retain anonymity by creating a fake persona to set up your dates, both online and offline. I’ve seen guys caught out by this one before, being blackmailed is not something you want to deal with. Especially when it is due to your own negligence. Lastly, do not use your personal email address to contact escorts, make one! It’s free.
  • Don’t set up your meetings anywhere near your home or work. This one might sound like common sense, but it’s hard to maintain. If you book an escort from work once a week as a regular thing, it can be fairly easy to slip into the lazy habit of going to a local hotel or location, this is the literal definition of playing with fire. I have once walked out of a hotel room after meeting a lady in the centre of London and literally walked straight into my brother in law. I may have narrowly avoided the dangerous questions, but it was a complete lapse in judgement that I will not be repeating.
  • Disguise your money trail. Oh, how many of us esteemed escort connoisseurs have been caught out by this little ditty. If you have to make a large withdrawal to pay your escort, then it’s probably going to be noticed at some point in some fashion by your significant other. Look closely at your financial situation and find a way to pay your escorts that won’t turn up in the form of a suspicious or demented conversation with your wife.
  • Try to keep your punting social circle nonexistent or to a minimum. Although I personally tend to make a few friends and know a fair amount of gents who partake in the London escorting industry, it’s only because I have developed a relationship with these people that I could trust over years. It is not a good idea to share your extracurricular activities with others if you can help it. There’s always that chance that it could reach back to you at some point. People do talk, and they are always eager to hop on the infidelity wagon as white knights.
  • Approach your appointments like a regular citizen. Don’t be walking into the hotel like you’re some spy or creeping around like a pervert. Stride to your affair with confidence. Don’t act like a dude who is trying to keep a secret, it’s much more suspicious and not particularly endearing to the public.
  • Stay away from social media. While mixing your London punting enterprise with social media isn’t always dangerous, I suggest you try to stay away from this. While most adult Facebook applications don’t post on your wall, sometimes they do, or they can be found somewhere on your profile. Don’t get caught by your wife on Facebook or Twitter, that’s not classy. Get caught in a toilet somewhere doing a bunch of other illegal stuff like the celebrities.
  • Hide your outcalls using hobbies and other engagements. It’s a terrible idea to set up a 2-hour date with a hot London companion without at least preparing a short cover story. Either create a fake hobby or establish a time of the week where you can go around hooking up with companions with no fear of reparation. Use the gym or something like that as an excuse.
  • Take advantage of the post-punt check, a time-honoured tradition. After a saucy rendezvous with a woman of the night, it’s a common practice to perform a post-punting check. Make sure you have your wallet, there’s no lipstick on your collar, take a shower to hide the stink, that sort of thing. I believe every man dedicated to adultery needs his own variation of a postpunting check, walking in with lipstick on your cheek is a fail from before the millennium, get with the times already!
  • Take your car into consideration. As a final thought, I have decided to bring this point up, just because a friend of mine is going through a divorce due to his car. Many modern cars have functions such as GPS, which can be used to catch you out. But more importantly, if you leave your car somewhere on the street, there’s always a chance that your wife may be out grocery shopping, which could ultimately lead to her waiting and catching you with a working girl like my dear pal. Food for thought.

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