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Over the past years, we’ve seen a more self-obsessed generation, more self-obsessed than ever really. Because of this, you’d think that there are even more attractive women, but in many ways, this is not so. Most of the women I see as the prettiest women I have ever seen are women that are past their prime now. But when they were young, they were incredible. To think about the hottest women in history, it’s hard to even think of a starting point, this is without being completely ridiculous. I obviously have my favorites of modern times such as Eve, Couple VIP’s couple Geneva escorts service, but this is historically my favourite list.

But the first woman I’d have to consider is none other than the magnificent Jayne Mansfield. Now her IQ was reportedly 61, but who the hell actually cares because she’s by far one of the fittest of her generation, and one of the most attractive women in history. Because she died at quite an early age it’s a shame to see someone this beautiful just vanish, but she’s forever going to be remembered for her incredible looks.

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Someone else that I think is jaw -droppingly beautiful is Halle Berry, probably the most attractive bond girl ever. Do you remember her walking down the beach in her orange bikini with a white belt? I’ll jog your memory with an image. There have been a long line of bond babes and I know that some people disagree, but for me, Halle is the hands down number one.

Whilst were on the topic of bond babes, I think that you can mention Halle and the other girls without appreciating the beauty in Cecilie Thomsen. Tomorrow never dies is a classic, as all bonds are. Cecilie may not be known as an amazing actor but she was amazing in that film, almost as amazing as it is to look at her naked on a bed.

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This is my outside punt on one of the most beautiful women ever, and I’ll stand by this until the day I die. Jennifer anniston has got to be considered as one of the most attractive women ever. Do you remember the early friends episodes…. SWEET JESUS SHE WAS AMAZING.

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