High times for fire fighter

What about this for a story, somewhere in San Diego a couple of months back the local fire fighting team were called out for a house fire. Being the brave and noble men that they are they all suited up and quickly rushed to the blazing inferno. It did not take long to realise the severity of the fire as well as the potential danger it could cause, wasting no time at all the fire men soon got into action by barricading off the area and tackling the blaze with their high powered houses. Although confronting dangerous situations is a part of their everyday job this incident proved to be quite different, hilariously different.

As the house started toBanter News la-me-san-diego-brush-fire-pg-300x201  burn more and more violently the situation started to get out of control, the firemen could not risk the possibility of leaving residents in there so some proceeded to very heroically search through the blazing house in order to rule out the thought of someone still being in there. As the fire started to go out almost nothing in the house could be salvageable. A true disaster yet luckily no one seemed injured. However something was funny, no one had an idea but whatever it was it had fire fighters in stitches.

When looking through the house after it had been successfully put out, to the surprise of everyone they had found that the residents of the house had been illegally growing cannabis in their garage and that the fire had started due to a mechanism which helped make the plants grow. So with all of this Marijuana burning away and for little places for it to escape it almost created a ‘hot boxing’ effect, Who was in the house at this point? The fire fighters. As much as this story is serious, this recovered tape is something that you can’t help but laugh at. This fire fighter is almost having a better time than an experience with an http://www.xgirlx.co.uk/ escort. Take a look.


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