The Funniest Police Criminal Sketches ever!

I know this is a bit of a taboo topic but I for one think that the police that are meant to service and monitor us, basically keep us safe, are just idiots. I think that a lot of the time people that get hired to become an officer of the law don’t really deserve to be.

Why do I think some officers don’t deserve the role?

Every other day you will hear about something that a police officer has done, against the law and then because they’re an officer they get released and the charges dropped because the local police department don’t want to look like idiots.

I thought I’d do some research and find out what they’re actually worst at. I started to howl with laughter when I stumbled upon an article which shows the worst police ‘criminal sketches’ made.

Now for the people that don’t know, a criminal sketch is what is seemingly a smart technique that police use to get a better idea of what a criminal looks like. There is a police sketch artist that will ask for details of the criminal from any of the victims or witnesses who have seen the criminal during his unlawful acts.

This is only a viable technique when done properly. Here are some images of the worst drawn criminal sketches.

Examples of the worst Criminal Sketches

I thought I’d start off with a blinder, now this just makes me doubt all sense in the justice system. If anyone can find out who this is through this image then I will openly kiss your feet in public. The one thing I can gather from this is it looks like this guy has got a nose like Michael Jackson.

Banter News asian-man-probs

Another great find for me was this image below, now I know what you’re thinking it’s actually not that bad. But when was the last time you were robbed by a man who literally looks like a cartoon character. What the hell did this witness say?!

Banter News asian-man-probs  Banter News cartoon

This one makes me laugh because it just looks like someone’s drawn Freddie mercury as a criminal. Why is he on the run from the police? Freddie is a nudist.

Banter News asian-man-probs  Banter News cartoon  Banter News freddy-mercury

Saving the best till last, this image for surpasses the idiocy that I expected from the police. Now once looking at this you probably won’t believe that this is actually a sketch but this man was a suspect in a kidnapping in Portugal. If you see a man with no face then please report to the Portuguese police immediately.

Banter News asian-man-probs  Banter News cartoon  Banter News freddy-mercury  Banter News no-face

You don’t need to be Leonardo Da Vinci but please god someone better than these artists would be good.



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