4 Celebrities who Definitely Book Companions

When you’re living in the public eye it can be so hard to get up to trouble inconspicuously. With the paparazzi capturing everything you do, those with a bad boy reputation find it more and more difficult to break the rules. That is why we have decided to compile a list of the ultimate bad boy celebrities that if they weren’t in the public eye, they’d most definitely be taking drugs and booking escorts.

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We start with the ex-drug-addict turned comedian, turned actor turned Politician Russell Brand that is perhaps more famous for his outrageous persona and womanizing reputation. Although the ex-drug addict certainly knows his way around a party and is spotted with a different woman almost every week. Surely is he’s not quite feeling up to it then he will surely book a busty London escorts.

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Wayne Rooney has had his fair share of scandals, regarding sexual encounters, and not with his high school sweetheart Coleen. A few years back Wayne was rocked by scandals of him booking a model London escort Jenny Thompson over a period of several months. No doubt that if Rooney and Coleen did split he would definitely be booking more central London escorts although for the time being he’s flying under the radar.

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Mario Balotelli, the bad boy Italian was no stranger to a bit of controversy, and during his short spell at Manchester city he managed to; set his bathroom on fire by letting off fireworks out of his window, clashed with several of his teammates and manager and of course slept with several other people whilst engaged to former girlfriend Fanny Neguesha. He was often sighted in Manchester town center on the arm of some beautiful woman.

Banter News Russell-brand-escort  Banter News wayne-rooney-hooker  Banter News balotelli  Banter News charlie-sheen-escorts

Charlie Sheen, ah Charlie Sheen, part actor, part legend and part tiger blood. I don’t this is going to come as much as a surprise to anyone but the ex two and a half man star famously gave the ‘winning interview’ and actually requested a $10 million loan from Warner Brothers despite earning an eye-watering $1.25 million an episode. I think he would happily admit to what he spent his money on, most likely cocaine and some of the most beautiful and escorts in the world.

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