Fleshlight Gives “Docking Your iPad” A Whole New Meaning

The fleshlight launchpad for iPad

Have you ever been playing on your iPad and you suddenly think, there is something missing? Well, sex toy company Fleshlight, have now come out with an attachment for your apple device, allowing you to enter into a sexual relationship with your iPad, for some reason or another. Unfortunately ladies, this is a male only sex toy, so you will be stuck using your iPad the old fashion way, playing candy crush…

The whole idea behind this new bit of kit, is to give you a new perspective while watching your favorite porn star, or perhaps discover new content especially released for the Launchpad. The company also recommends using the device for long distance relationships and using the fleshlight while connecting with your partner while on Skype or FaceTime.

The way this all works, is you purchase the special iPad case and also a flash light shaped male sex toy (Unless you already have one) from the fleshlight website, you then clip the toy to the back of the iPad case using the Velcro straps and whenever the mood takes you, fire up your favourite website, put your headphones in and do what men do best. You can even get different fleshlight vaginas moulded from your favourite adult star, to make the whole thing even more realistic…

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