The Finest Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great city that is popular for many reasons, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the USA and to anyone who has visited before it is easy to see why. The wild and extravagant lifestyle is what really makes Las Vegas a dream for people old and young alike, with the rumours of wild strip clubs and millions made at the casinos which make many people travel here just to try their luck at the poker table.

Las Vegas is also the perfect place to book an escort, this is why agencies such as Sin City are keeping themselves busy with a constant stream of bookings which allow for them to make it big in the city of sin. In this article however, my goal is to help you first time visitors out with some information on which hotels are the best for your stay.Banter News las_vegas-1024x564

The first hotel on my list is without a doubt, the Mirage hotel. This hotel has gold plated windows so that the building shines beautifully in the glistening sunlight, but this incredible hotel is even more amazing inside. The luxurious rooms are well decorated and always kept spotlessly clean by the hard working and attentive staff who really go out of their way to ensure that your stay is nothing short of perfect. The restaurant on site also provides some of the finest food you will find in Las Vegas.

Another great option would be the wide range of rooms at Caesars Palace, which is one of the many themed hotels that you can find on the strip. This is definitely one of the more unique hotels on the strip because of the four different buildings with completely different rooms from each other, as well as some of the best casinos the strip has to offer.

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