Early signs to a good summer

Banter News 116000-original  Now this is more like it, the weather seems to be perking up now which is great news. As British residents we deserve everything that we get because we put up with some truly horrible weather throughout the most of the year. So when the sun comes out you better be ready to enjoy because we don’t know how long it will actually last, and because it’s still England the chances are it’ll end sooner rather than later so it’s probably best to get out whilst you can. Take every second that you can in the sun light so you have as much fun as possible.

Also what comes with good weather are the perks of the activities you can have as well. When it’s bright and sunny you’re able to do so much more things without the constant worry of getting drenched. But what really is the best part about the weather being incredible? What is undoubtedly the greatest thing you can do in a gorgeous English summer, I think that the only thing that edges going to the beer garden would have to be venturing out for a full day at the beach!

Sun, sea and sand. You just need to sit back and relax whilst you hear the waves roll in and feel the soft, warming summer breeze sweep through your body. Oh, and then there’s the girls. How could I forget about the girls. Beach bodies are the best part about it all. Looking at the women that have worked endlessly throughout winter to perfectly sculpt their body, to then bare all for us to see.

There are a few girls that I believe are just too good to be true. I was reading a run down of the best celebrity beach bodies of 2013 earlier and it’s made me more excited about this year. Just looking at celebrities such as Rihanna, Kate Upton, and Selena Gomez get me ready to put on my swimming trunks and spend a day in the sun. Living in Mayfair however, I don’t get the privilege of seeing these celebrities everyday, having said that, that’s nothing¬†Mayfair Girls¬†can’t fix. So get ready and start working on your beach body if you haven’t already. You’d be devastated if by the summer, you were the only one of your friends that’s sporting a gut.

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