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28 years on, closure has been brought to the people affected by the Hillsborough disaster. After years of fighting for justice of the 96 the families have finally heard the news they have been waiting for. The investigation that was reopened due to campaigning by the families has led to 6 people being prosecuted the Crown Prosecution Service announced today.

What actually happened on 15th April 1989?

Banter News Capture-300x259  Some people have no idea what actually happened that fatal day in April 1989 and that is why the families of those affected are still campaigning to this day. Covered up by the police and The Sun (The Scum) newspaper, the true events were hidden away as the good people of Merseyside were used as a cover up to protect the police force and individuals connected to the event. The disaster occurred at the Hillsborough football stadium as a FA Cup semi final game between Liverpool and Nottingham Forest was getting underway. As the stadium filled and filled, it became clear that there was more fans than space in the stadium. In an attempt to ease the overcrowding outside the entrance the police match commander and chief superintendent David Duckenfield ordered that exit gate C was to be opened. This caused an influx of even more fans into the two standing only pens that the Liverpool supporters were being held in.

As 766 people were injured via being crushed, sadly there was 96 fatalities. The shear amount of people being packed into two pens was just too great and the these sad consequences followed. The cities of Liverpool and Nottingham were both hurting after the incident as they mourned the people they lost. But the police didn’t care about that and made it their mission to cover up the mistakes they made that day. In the days and weeks that followed the disaster the polBanter News Capture-300x259  Banter News 160426-hines-hilsborough-tease_xcibyu-300x169  ice fed false stories to the press suggesting that hooliganism and excessive drinking by Liverpool supporters were the main cause of why the disaster occurred.

In the years since the first inquest into the Hillsborough disaster that took place in 1991 where it was ruled all the deaths were accidental, new found evidence forced the case to be reviewed. In 2012 new details about the extent of the police efforts to shift blame onto the fans, the role of other emergencies services and the errors of the first inquest emerged. This lead to a new inquest that lasted 2 years from April 2014 to April 2016. The ruling was that the supporters were unlawfully killed due to grossly negligent failures by police and ambulance services, when fulfilling their duty of care to the supporters. It was also said that the supporters were not to blame for the disaster.

28th June 2017 Justice for the 96

Banter News Capture-300x259  Banter News 160426-hines-hilsborough-tease_xcibyu-300x169  Banter News 89450597_89450593-300x169  Today 6 people connected to the Hillsborough disasters cover up will be prosecuted. Mr David Dukenfield the man who ordered that exit gate C to be opened is facing charges of manslaughter by gross negligence of 95 men, women and children. Sir Norman the former chief constable faces four charges of misconduct in a public office relating to the alleged lies he has told in the aftermath about how the fans were to blame. Graham Mackrell the former Sheffield Wednesday club secretary will be accused of breaching the Safety at a Sports Ground and Health and Safety legislations. Peter Metcalf the solicitor acting as a SYP is being charged for preventing the course of justice due to changing witness statements and finally Former Ch Supt Donald Denton and Former Det Ch Insp Alan Forster are accused of preventing the course of justice. These 6 men should serve the rest of their lives in prison but with our justice system the likelihood is that they will get away scot-free.

How did The Sun get away with their crimes?

Banter News Capture-300x259  Banter News 160426-hines-hilsborough-tease_xcibyu-300x169  Banter News 89450597_89450593-300x169  Banter News image-20160427-30950-10ckm6-240x300  Firstly I don’t know how The Sun is still a newspaper, it reports pure rubbish and always has an agenda behind the stories they post. Inciting hate on Muslims and causing tension between communities is a standard daily issue of the Sun. But back in 1989 The Sun hit an all time low point by printing an edition saying ‘THE TRUTH’. The paper reported that at the time some of the fans at the FA Cup semi-final pick pocketed the dead and urinated on the police. All were complete lies to hide the negligence of the police force and make the Liverpool supporters take the brunt of the blame. A pathetic apology in 2004 and 2011 means that not enough has been done by The Sun as they continue to print rubbish. Join the Liverpool supporters in continuing to boycott the paper and let your voices be heard. Justice for the 96.

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