Don’t 10 Count McGregor Out Against Mayweather Jr

It’s hard to deny that Floyd Mayweather Jr has been the best boxer of his generation, considered by some the best boxer of all time based on how you judge a fighter. His defence and ring craft, that has led him to never really taking big damage is second to none. With a 49 and 0 record, Floyd has never tasted defeat, but many people argue this may be down to ducking fights and only entertaining Manny Pacquiao once he was past his prime. But here’s why I just can’t help but feel that McGregor could shock the boxing world.

As a fight fan, I am no expert myself and nor claim to be, but I find it hard to take experts and pundits word as gospel in a sport where there are so many different opinions whilst the fact that one punch can change a whole fight is very real. Recently my predictions have been quite successful for the major fights, correctly predicting that Tyson Fury would beat Wladimir Klitschko and Tony Bellew would beat David Haye. Perhaps I like to cheer on the underdog or I have a good gut instinct on these fights. However, I did think Klitschko would regain his crown by beating Anthony Joshua due to his experience playing a key factor, so like I said what do I really know.Banter News video-217946  When I look at the proposed McGregor vs Mayweather Jr fight being a fan of both sports I can’t help but get excited at the possibility of an upset which I can see only if McGregor fights smart and uses a few secret weapons. The fight will have everything, a build-up unrivalled by any other fight with Floyd not having to sell the fight by himself. McGregor’s smart and witty remarks are bound to lead to a fuelled build up based on status, wealth and Mayweather Jr accusing McGregor of coping his public persona. The fight itself is anyone’s guess. No one truly knows it McGregor will box Floyd or just get him to the ground in seconds and choke him out or lock in an arm bar and snap his arm to then announce himself king of the ring. This is what makes the fight so intriguing because all that’s stopping McGregor 100% beating Mayweather is the boxing rules.

Why McGregor’s out his depth

Many people think its straight up stupid to think McGregor can win his first boxing match against the greatest to ever live. It’s also disrespectful to world class boxers such as Álvarez and Pacquiao who have trained in the sport their whole lives to lose to Mayweather Jr and that’s a valid point, as these athletes have had to refine their skills for years and years to be at the point there at now. Boxing unlike UFC has been established for decades and this has led to the skills set having to be so refined just to become pro. McGregor on the other hand is the 2-weight world champion of a sport where many skills are need from striking to Jiu Jitsu and you know what they say about the Jack of all trades being a master of none. If you think McGregor can stand and trade with Mayweather you either don’t understand just how good Mayweather is or are hyping Connors boxing abilities to a level of which they are not.

If you’ve watched Connor McGregor in UFC you will have seen his boxing is far superior to everyone else’s in the sport, he likes the bounce back to avoid being hit then leap forward carrying all the momentum into the KO punch he’s about to deliver, just ask Jose Aldo. But Floyd Mayweather the father of Junior was quoted saying “A jab would take care of him all day” which I could imagine to be true. In UFC, no one really throws jabs because of all the other aspects like take-down defence to consider. In boxing a jab establishes range and can be used to screen a big shot. Mayweather Jr’s jab could negate McGregor’s attacks, frustrate him and tire him out like he was in the first Diaz fight. But with McGregor’s size advantage will he be able to establish the jab when he has a reach disadvantage of 2 inches.

I do think one thing being overlooked though is that Mayweather can knock out McGregor. Granted with a KO record of 26 in 49 fights, Mayweather isn’t known for his knockout power, however speed kills and I don’t think McGregor will have ever been hit as fast and as accurately than Mayweather will hit him. Especially in the later rounds when he’s going to tire, the speed of Mayweather’s punch may lead to an early stoppage perhaps with the referee stepping in.

McGregor’s A* Factor

I don’t quite know what it is with McGregor but he’s just got something about him. It could be as simply as he’s the next breed of athlete set to dominate his generation or that his incredible focus, dedication and self-belief has but him ahead of the game. Despite everything I’ve just stated McGregor could win this fight even though its a long shot admittedly. Connor’s UFC background could act as a huge factor for his potential success. Connor needs to be unpredictable and create scenarios that Floyd will have never seen in a ring. He needs to stick to this karate stance and move around the ring in his unorthodox style. Bring moves like a spinning back fist to the fight like the video below. A move like this could catch Mayweather unaware especially as turning your back is something you shouldn’t do in boxing.

One thing no one can argue is that McGregor has knockout power. He hits people with that left hand and sends them to a world of pain. His movement speed is lightening and this could play a huge factor early in the fight for the opening 3 rounds where Mayweather may have ring rust. Mayweather retired from boxing in 2015 and hasn’t fought since. Granted Mayweather has kept himself in a great condition and he’s become a trainer but with such a long competitive lay off against an active fighter the first few round maybe Connors best chance to win this fight. Mayweather is 40 years old and time waits for no man. Facing a hungry 29-year-old trying to prove the world wrong, if Mayweather is rusty or underestimates Connor the fight could be over quite quickly.

Banter News video-217946  Banter News Oscar_De_La_Hoya_Net_Worth

Being a southpaw McGregor also has an advantage against Mayweather who has been known to struggle against them. Ex fighter Oscar De La Hoya believes Mayweather cannot block a southpaw jab and this could be a huge advantage for Connor if it proves to be true. Combine a jab that’s not being blocked with his size advantage and knockout power, this fight may not be as one side as many predict.

The Verdict

One thing is for sure, this fight will break PPV records, earn millions of dollars for both fighters and will bring together 2 audiences to the biggest fight potentially ever. However, despite all my boxing knowledge suggesting Mayweather is going to toy with McGregor for 12 of the easiest rounds of his life whilst Connors getting paid to lose in a sport that his speciality, I can’t help but feel McGregor has a huge chance of shocking the world like he’s done before. If this fight does go ahead I predict that Connor McGregor wins early in the first 4 rounds in a manner that sees Floyd hurt try to hold Connor in the corner and Connor size advantage pushes him off to connect with a left hand. The manner of the push after the fight will be questioned for being a move seen in UFC and the result will be brought into distribute. If I’m wrong then prepare for the most boring 12 rounds ever seen to the most hyped fight ever with Mayweather’s hand being raised, which personally I’d hate to see.


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  1. I just don’t want to see McGregor go in to hard. He has a history in MMA and that is way more intense than boxing so god knows how it will go.

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