Coachella 2014

I don’t know if any of you have been keeping up to date with it, but Coachella 2014 just drifted by, and as it did it left quite the impression. For those that don’t know what it is, Coachella is a music and arts festival held in Coachella Valley in America. Spanning over the last weekend Coachella featured a number of outstanding acts as well as featuring some amazing new clothing brands.

Over the past recent years, it’s become quite the ‘fashion statement’ festival. The main reason I believe this is, is because of groundbreaking effects that were put on a show during the 2012 Coachella festival, where a stunning visual show saw a hologram of Tupac take to the stage. Tupac’s hologram performance made the papers everywhere, both nationally and internationally, making this already huge festival even bigger.

Now that’s something! The lineup this year wasn’t too shabby either, headlining the festivals were the one and only Outcast, but then on top of that, there were also incredible names such as queens of the stone age, nas, fat-boy slim, Pharrell, Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris, Motorhead and so on.

There was something for everyone there. The festival didn’t disappoint one bit when it came to the acts. There were many famous faces there as well, watching the world recognized bands perform. Personal Instagram accounts were bombarded with images full of sun, music, and celebs. To name just a  few in the audience, Aaron Paul, Vanessa Hudgens, the Jenners with Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, even Beyonce and her sister took to the stage for a dance!

So let’s say you wanted to go to Coachella next year, and you didn’t think that the line-up was enough to entice, or rubbing your elbows with A-list celebrities. Then what more could this festival possibly have on offer? Girls….. and lots of them. Think about it, Coachella is in California during April. Full of sun, alcohol, and girls waiting to show off their bodies in that sexy hippie-style that they like to do at festivals.

Here are a few snaps if you’re still in denial that Coachella is undoubtedly the best festival ever, just look at these gorgeous women.

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If you were not lucky enough to make it to Coachella but still want to see some of the acts then the videos below are perfect for you.

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