The Characteristics Of A True London Elite Escort

There is no Rubicon moment that defines the final change of a woman; it is more a sequence – a steady yet powerful accumulation of experiences, lessons and emotions. And bam! Like that, she reaches her prime: the best she could/will ever be.

Elite Escorts In London Are Like No Other Companions

A true elite escort, like the stunning individuals at Lilith Escort, who reaches her own psychological peak is highly self-aware, takes responsibility for her actions and rarely reserves any thought to the white noise in her life. We are speaking more along the lines of an escort – or any woman – reaching the final stage of mental maturity which tends to happen in the late twenties and early thirties.

What does this have to do with elite escorting? Everything the websites do not know.

The perennial term ‘elite escorting’ is one that all the websites echo but when a gentleman asks for a more mature elite escort – someone they can have dinner with or a thorough conversation on a said topic, the agencies tend to speedily recommend an elite escort whose mother tongue is English without understanding the preferences.

The intention – when booking an elite escort who is ‘mature’ – is to spend quality time with an entertaining woman whose mind you could cut glass on. Beauty is indeed a gift, but intelligence is a virtue never to be underestimated.

There are clients who specifically request – through a third party – elite escorts who speak more than three languages and have either an impressive degree under their belt or are trained in a musical instrument to distinction level. Too demanding in such an environment?

If you saw the lives led by some of the most pampered sugar babies and London elite escorts, you would appreciate why these women work diligently to keep their complexions glowing and their minds nimble. Imagine having a break from your circles and instead, spending time in the warm caress of your mistress discussing philosophy, natural sciences or seismology?

Where is a super elite escort usually based?

The best elite escorts in the world are known to reside in Geneva, Monaco, London, Singapore and Cannes. These elite escorts will have a close relationship with one or more clients, but never too many. Elite VIP escort models remain exclusive to some of the world’s most influential and discreet gentlemen.

It is rare that these elite model escorts are seen in public outings as they tend to meet their clients in highly discreet environments, normally at their own residences. Her – the elite escort’s – home space is well suited for entertaining, boasting tasteful furniture and a selection of impressive art.

Just as an example, there is a house had an oregano-and-rose-filled terrace, the setting for a morning ritual of chai and pancakes. Perched in the salubrious confines of this elite escort’s penthouse apartment in Geneva, we’re was told that the place is so beautiful, she rarely ventures outside. Although this gorgeous elite escort had been living in one of her several apartments for the last few years, she remains resolutely Kenyan at heart. As a quintessential Nairobian, used to intense heat and the variegated sounds of East Africa’s nature, she found it took a while to get used to the ordered nature and mild weather of Switzerland. For her, Kenya will forever be the home she returns to. In the interim, she will explore the world. Like many elite escorts who travel all over their world, it is the pride and knowledge of their origins that make them a point of interest to clients overseas.

How do elite escorts dress?

The enviable wardrobe of these elite escorts features gorgeous pieces by iconic designers and an array of shoes (mid-heel darling) of all shapes and colours. Drawn to luxury and interested in mindfulness, elite escorts have channelled their passions and insights, incorporating them into their everyday life. And my, don’t they lead a wonderful life! Today Paris, tomorrow Hong Kong! Many elite escorts who strike up a friendship with a socialite or model will tend to holiday and party with them, attending some of the world’s most exclusive events. Spontaneous planning is never an issue. Travelling leisurely from one luxurious destination to the next, elite model escorts are not bound by the constraints of time.

Do top elite escorts always eat out?

Eating clean is a form of self-respect and such practices have been adopted by elite model escorts who enjoy taking care of themselves. Although these elite model escorts frequent some of the most incredible restaurants with their clients, the best they will ever eat is at home. Their groceries include fresh farm produce, the finest confectionery sourced from all over the world and, of course, plenty of fresh juices.

That Je ne sais quoi…

Their beauty is all the more remarkable when they speak in soft tones and respond to compliments in a playful yet slightly self-deprecating manner. Never coming across as overconfident, these elite VIP models make excellent companions for men and women. However, no one is perfect and to make matters more complicated, there is no such thing as perfection.

The kaleidoscopic options for a client

It seems outrageously unfair to assume that a diverse group of wonderful elite escorts will be versed on the same topics of discussion and will all share the same mannerisms. The truth: some men visit more than one elite model escort in order to accommodate their insatiable desire for the very best. Whether it is the smartest, most beautiful, most humorous and interesting companion they seek, some individuals prefer to appreciate each virtue independently in separate women.

For those of you who’d like to book your very own high class experience, we can think of no better agency than the aforementioned Lilith Escort. Check out their website for more details.

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