Celebrity asses.. and why I like asses in general

I thought that before I start to speak about all of the different celebrity asses that I like, that I would go into a bit of science, so you can actually learn something whilst you stare at some seriously amazing behinds. Have you ever wondered why some women have such a perfect ass? This female trait begins after puberty where sex hormones begin to dictate the distribution of fat on the body. As men carry most of the weight on their gut, women tend to carry it more in their gluteofemoral region, that is the butt and thighs.

Lets use some photographic evidence, below is Kim Kardashian flaunting off her incredible physique.

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Call Girls Confidential Has Bootylicious Ladies

There are exceptions to this rule however, many of the gorgeous girls from Regal escorts can provide you with super booty’s that I’m sure you’ll learn to love and enjoy, moreover these babes know how to use their plump butts too.

For me, I think that a behind is appealing (a well shaped one anyway) because of the fact that it is a defining part for a woman body. It’s what make a a women look a lot more feminine, if a woman has a more hour glass figure it makes her look a lot less masculine, is it not a clear answer that the more feminine you look the more attractive you are to the opposite sex. But in that case, why is a perfect bum more impressive than a perfect bust in my eyes? I don’t know the answer if I’m being completely honest, I just think that an incredible ass can make up for a mediocre bust, but not the other way round.

What’s your opinion, which do you prefer?

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This isn’t to say that men everywhere are convinced by an amazing ass, in fact dependant on where you are on the globe, cultural differences may sway your preferences. Take the British, Spanish and Portuguese, studies have shown that people from these countries prefer slender women whereas Latin people are more attracted to curvier and more hour glass-like bodies. That’s not to say that every guy from these countries follows those guidelines, I for one believe that a female must have an incredible ass and I’m British.

But many female celebrities know that a tight and toned bum is the gateway to a lot of guys hearts and that’s why a lot do whatever they can to get one, and I mean WHATEVER they can. For the guys that enjoy the ‘bubble butts’, there’s no doubt that you probably adore Nikki Minaj’s amazing posterior. Now there are many rumours that she has had implants put in, and it’s no real wonder with the figure that she has, but if you’re someone that likes a big booty with a toned figure then she’s your dream girl.

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Celebrity Booty’s are the Bomb

If I were to think of the best behind’s among the celebrities today it’d be hard to pick a definitive answer, there are so many different people that you have to consider. If right now I had to choose, it’d probably be Beyonce, her body is just incredible and now she’s a MILF! For good measure I’ll add another name to the pot, I’d probably say Holly Willoughby as well, there’s something about her I think which makes her gorgeous….. possibly the ass.

Banter News kim-kardashian-ass-0  Banter News kdfgda  Banter News dgdfvf  Banter News ddfh  Banter News beyonce-butt  Banter News kim-kardashian-ass-0  Banter News kdfgda  Banter News dgdfvf  Banter News ddfh  Banter News beyonce-butt  Banter News Holly-Willoughby

Whatever you prefer I think one thing is for sure, a perfect ass is just spectacular. Nothing in my eyes can be better than a woman with a physique that’s completely proportionate to each feature on her body, something that can’t be achieved without possessing a peachy behind.

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