Best ways to come out of a hangover

It’s the ancient question that everyone begs to know the answer to, but is there a real cure for a hangover? Unfortunately, not instantly. There aren’t any ways for you to quickly do this, but some help more than others. So drinks, food and activities, which are the most effective?

Drinks are something that can have a more rapid effect on you. Obviously water is very important when it comes to repairing your body after a horrid night of drinking and what not. Water replenishes the body and re-hydrates it too, after your body has sweated out the toxins of alcohol, it’s best to top up on H20. Sports drinks claim that they replace the electrolytes you loose, but you don’t loose enough through drinking for t to make a difference. So it’s no better than water for a hangover. Caffeine drinks, such as energy drinks and coffee has positives and negatives, it’s something you might have a personal preference to. If not, don’t bother drinking it to cure a hangover. ‘Hair of the dog’, which is drinking alcohol to cure a hangover, is a widely known cure. All it does is prolong the inevitable by creating a numbing sensation. If you’re at a festival, or going on a couple day benders then yes it’s advisable. Just don’t wake up on a Sunday morning and crack one open to cure a hangover.

What about the food you eat afterwards? Realistically, it doesn’t really make a difference about you eat the day after, but carbs would benefit you the most as it improves your blood sugar levels. It’s more about what you eat before you start slamming down those Jagerbombs. Food helps slow down the intoxication as it takes longer for the alcohol to be absorbed into your blood stream. But then again ‘Eating is cheating’, and if you’re mates aren’t eating then i’s probably good measure to not cheat. If they’re eating before drinking though, always level up the playing field by buying a big stodgy pizza. Multivitamins are very good as well.

Activities, I think that you’d be the most surprised at this one because it’s a more ‘energetic’ list of things to do. Exercise, that’s right. The most horrid thing you can imagine doing with a hangover is actually one of the best cure for one. Jogging and other cardio related activities can help you sweat everything out, sex as well, Joris C. Verster, Ph.D., assistant professor at Utrecht University in the Netherlands says “If it makes you happy, go for it.”. Massages have been known to cure your hangover too so you could always keep a contact in your phone book for an emergency rub down.

So you know how to ease the effects of a horrid hangover, so now it’s time to create one that’s so big enough to kill a small animal. Get everything that you can find, maybe a couple of sweet young escorts, a killer venue and all of your friends.

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