Best Turkish Delicacies in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the biggest cities in Turkey and has quite the historical impact on the world, the Istanbul escorts have been quite the detrimental factor to its affluence, so here is a short list of the best Turkish delicacies.

Pide or Lahmacun Banter News IMG_2706

You can find this dish at any restaurant or sometimes even street vendors, the Istanbul escorts have become quite accustomed to this dish and it is a favourite of travellers and Turks alike. The dish is a thin crust pastry like pizza covered in toppings such as eggs, cheese, tomatoes, diced meat, chicken or seafood, this is an ideal option for vegetarians and the Istanbul escorts as there are many toppings available and can keep your figure fit and fiddle.

Kofte Banter News IMG_2706  Banter News kofte-meal-istanbul

The Turkish version of the westernised meatball, usually sold in a wrap as street food or in restaurants you kind find it served with salad and rice. There are hundreds of types of this delicacy and the Istanbul escorts have their own favourites they love to share with their clientele on a dinner date either at their home or at a restaurant. One thing we find interesting about this dish is that the recipe differs from each region it is made.

Baklava Banter News IMG_2706  Banter News kofte-meal-istanbul  Banter News maxresdefault

This is a favourite of the Istanbul escorts as most of them love being hand fed Baklava or feeding their clients this sweet pastry dish, it is taken from the old Ottoman Empire and is created with layers of filo pastry and either filled with nuts, fruits or sweets and then covered in sweet honey or syrup. It is known throughout Turkey as one of the prime deserts for people of all ages and like Kofte differentiates from region to region. The Istanbul escorts are especially good when it comes to Turkish delicacies and have an excellent knowledge of what you should try if you’re visiting from another country either for business or a holiday, our girls are available 24/7 and can make your wishes come true at any rate.


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