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Summer is just around the corner, and if you haven’t already, you best get your holiday plans arranged! It’s always good to get away during the holiday and let off some steam from your busy work schedule. So why not arrange to let loose for a bit!? Arrange a week away, get gone, and party so hard that when you get back you’re going to need one hell of a massage.

Arrange a week away, get gone, and party so hard that when you get back you’re going to need one hell of a massage. I would recommend booking a massage from a place like London Tantric or Bliss Tantric, both incredible services perfect for anyone looking for a massage in London. There’s no better way to rejuvenate than by getting a rub down after some days spent partying hard. Anyway, enough of that now let’s answer the real question what are some of the best holiday destinations?

Marbella ~ Southern Spain

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If you are thinking of a place to go this summer one place that will always be brought up is Marbella. Known for a being a playground for people in their early twenties this seaside resort in Southern Spain is certainly somewhere you should be considering when planning your holiday.

The lavish lifestyle of sleeping all day and partying all night is something we all look for and this is exactly what you get if you decide to spend some time in Marbella. What could be better than lounging around in the sun all day while stunning woman parade around in front of you, I know I couldn’t think of anything better?

Magaluf ~ Spanish favorite

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Maybe if not Marbella then you could go to all time Spanish favorite, Magaluf. ‘Maga’ is twice as full of the sun, sea, and gorgeous women. Throughout the night you’re hit by go-hard clubs and unique raves which you will not find anywhere else. Much Like Marbella too, the laid back days are appreciated here. There’s nothing better in my eyes than a long chilled day out in the sun taking in the rays.


Ibiza ~ Beach Party Capital of the world

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If not either of these two, then you could just choose the party capital of the world, and no I’m not talking about Blackpool! Ibiza is the best place to go if you’re thinking of partying all day and night. Expect no rest when you’re here as you’re going to be constantly bombarded by shots, shots……. and a couple more shots to wash it down. With┬ásome of the most famous clubs on the planet such as Pasha, Space, Amnesia, Es Paradis and Eden, how could you ever have a bad time when you commute here?


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