The best bars in London

Here’s a compiled a list of the best bars in London for you to visit with your beautiful companion. Looking at some of the most reputable and world famous and few you might not be expecting, we look at a totally honest and unbiased opinion of the best places to visit. Pay attention and make a note as this could make or break your evening.

In this post, we’ll be looking at the best bars in their respective fields starting with cocktail bars:

Please don’t get offended if we miss out any notable inclusions as it is a personal opinion, so without further adieu let’s get started. And we start at the appropriately named London Cocktail Club on Goodge Street, W1T 1TL. This earns its place by being home to the most innovative and damned right outrageous cocktails anywhere in London like perhaps the bacon and egg cocktail or maybe a squid ink sour is better suited. The reality is that head barman Andy Mill is at the top of his game and I push you to find a better mixologist anywhere, rest assured that nothing makes it on the menu unless it’s tasty and eye-catching. You could not ask for a better place to enjoy a cocktail with your date.

Next on the list and we bring you London’s finest dedicated sherry bar, bar Pepito in the discrete Varnishers yard by Pentonville road N1 9FD. This quirky Andalusian themed bar has bags of character and is educational in itself with over 15 different types of sherries that differ greatly in taste and colour, from fruity vibrant bottles to delicate and pale versions. If you’re looking to experience that holiday feeling with your stunning domination/fetish escorts then look no further than bar Pepito.

Now we move onto the locations best suited to some of the more high-class ladies and that is London’s excellent choice of champagne bars.There a plenty of great options in central London, with many even in the most unexpected of places like Paddington Champagne bar and St Pancras Grand Champagne bar in their respective stations.

However when it comes to out and out quality then look no further than Kettners on Romilly Street, Soho. This exclusive bar was originally 4 Georgian houses and is steeped in history. A regular to the rich and famous, this restaurant/bar is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious in all London and one that surely not be messes, but be forewarned an evening here doesn’t come cheap.

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Of course, you needn’t have to take this advice, the London mistresses will be better suited than most to show you around the most exclusive venues in the city. But if you’re planning an evening in London be sure you sample the best that this city has to offer and enjoy the intimacy and companionship with Bed Domination.

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