One of the best bars in Chelsea

Anyone can turn around and say that this bar is the best or this one is but none of them has a real reason why it is the best. Well, I believe I have found the perfect bar for any occasion whether it’s having a drink with friends or to take your girlfriend to, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. The bar I am talking about is the outstanding Beach Blanket Babylon or BBB as it is more prominently known leaves nothing to the imagination.

What Does Beach Blanket Babylon Offer?

BBB offers the perfect destination by night for the well-heeled socialite. They offer some of the very luxurious Champagnes, wines and cocktails making them one of the city’s most expensive places for a night out. The bar is extremely discreet and welcomes those who are looking for a private spot for a secret meet up making in the very best place to meet up. The bar is designed like no other around with it being set in an old Georgian mansion the owners wanted to keep the design as close to the location as possible but still being able to take a modern twist on the design.

The bar at BBB has one of the most impressive lists of cocktails, wines, and champagne out there so you will certainly find something that interests you. Along with their incredible drinks list the bar its self is one of the most impressive out there and is the perfect place for you to sit and get to know a London escort from London Seduction Girls. One of the best places in the bar to sit is beside the fire where you can stay warm and sample any one of the bars many drinks.

I recently visited here with some business partners of mine and i do have to say it was an amazing evening and I would personally recommend the bar to anyone who asked. If you would like to visit this bar you can find it on Ledbury Road (W11).


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