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This is not so much banter as a list of things that will infuriate any barman that you decide to order a drink from. We are hoping that with this short version of a list that could go on much longer, you will hopefully be a better customer and in the long run get a much better service in return. Do you do any of these? We at Mixology Media have put  together a list of the most hated things that customers do to bartenders.

5. Don’t ask me to get you a drink.

I am working. I have probably been working for several hours before you even came out so I have been pouring drinks for several hours when you come to the bar trying to act cool infront of your friends. Of course I am going to give you a free drink for no reason with your round that costs ¬£5…No. I am more than happy to reward a customer who has been a loyal patron all night but when you ask for extra because you are the daddy I will probably underpour for you, because your an idiot. The fact is that bartenders can be very generous if treated right. If you are a great customer that does not go unoticed. As an added extra if it is your birthday that entitles you to nothing.

4. What Do you Recommend?

Well in all honesty i recommend you go sit down and have a think about what it is you would like to drink. Or maybe you want to know what I would drink? Well actually I can recommend a drink as any good bartender could but if you just ask what I recommend it makes my life a little harder. Sweet or sour? Strong or flavoursome? If you give me a hint I’m sure I can make you something worthwhile.

3. Please Shout Your Order As I Walk Past.

If I have not come to serve you it is very likely that it is going to take twice as long to get to you if you are shouting your order every time that I walk past you. There is a very good chance that if this is you and it takes a while to get served then you are probably being ignored more often than not. Bartenders are not deaf we just choose to act like we are. We care about people contrary to popular belief, so if you are shouting over someone stood quietly waiting patiently then we will serve them first. As an added extra please lean across the bar because I have more room than you anyway so we can share.

2. Get yourself a drink.

Now this is a very nice gesture and very much appreciated by all bartenders. Tipping in Britain is not compulsory and if you feel the service deserves a little extra then thank you. When you pass 10p accross the bar and ask to be served first next time with a promise of more I don’t hold out much hope of you getting served. This is probably as insulting as the guy who wrote ‘Should’ve stayed in School’ on the tip line of the bill.

1. Click.. Click, Click.

Please, Please, Please do not click at the staff. Waiters, bartenders or anyone for that fact if you click or summon them in such a way you are just saying I am superior to you servant. We are not animals, we are people trying to earn a living that just happens to coincide with your leisure time. Do we come to the bank and bang on the glass while you work?

The number one is actually a tie with not having your order ready when you have clicked, and shouted, and told me at length how you have been waiting for half an hour. In that half an hour somehow you have not managed to ask each of your friends what they would like. It never crossed your mind to get your order ready so that I can do it as fast as possible for you. I can remember more than one drink, don’t worry my head won’t explode. Please try and have your order ready if you have been waiting for 5 minutes. I will get to you quicker if you are not waiting for the person on the other side of the room to decide what they would like.

Jeremy Mitchell
Content Creator at Banter News
Jeremy is an online content creator and online personality.

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